I love blogging, I hate blogging

I have a love-hate relationship with blogging.

On one hand, I love the interaction and the sharing of ideas that comes from the posts on M* and other LDS blogs. Most of the time, the interactions are pleasant, enjoyable and dare I say, downright fun!

Alternately, blogging is sometimes filled with cantankerous comments and boorish behavior that drives me to hit the delete button, or just walk away from the computer.

Like the Church, blogging is filled with many wonderful, but imperfect people (myself included on the imperfect people comment). During my last five years of blogging, I have developed many wonderful friendships and close associations with other LDS bloggers and a strong bond my co-bloggers at M*.

I enjoy the camaraderie that is shared in the Bloggernacle, especially when we join in a common cause or in defense of the faith. We have oftentimes prayed for one another, bolstered the faith of those who are weak or questioning, cheered-up the sad, helped each other with technical issues and joined together to celebrate awards and honors. How I love moments like these!

Sadly, though, there are times when we are scarcely a faint shadow of the great people that normally reside on Bloggernacle. I have witnessed vitriolic exchanges, hateful dialogue and emails that should never emerge from the drafts folder. These are the times when I wonder why I continue blogging.

My intention in writing this post is not to condemn anyone or to call out any specific comment or post. Rather, it is a call for personal reflection and introspection when the conversation becomes heated and the topic at hand becomes secondary to “winning” an argument or simply “proving” a point.

Ask yourself how often you have submitted a comment, only to wish you had the power to delete it before anyone read it. I have done that, sad to say.

We are all sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. We all deserve to be treated with love, kindness and respect.

As trite as it may sound, perhaps you might ask yourself this question before your next post, comment or email- What would Jesus do?

16 thoughts on “I love blogging, I hate blogging

  1. If anyone is interested in knowing how imperfect I am, just email me and I will send you my wife’s email address. She can vouch for all my imperfections. 😉

  2. Blogging is kind of like trying to get along with the people you work with. Usually you can get along, but there are lots of times when it is nearly impossible. The best policy then is to avoid a quick, angry answer and sleep on it. Usually you feel less angry or bothered the next day.

  3. Scott, you sound like a motorboat.

    Thanks, Brian. I’m glad I’ve stayed out of some recent dustups until they had calmed down a bit. It hasn’t always been that way. In fact, it happens that among Bloggernacle residents, you are uniquely qualified to recall my over-zealous reactions to unfavorable portrayals of the Church on the old MCC Electronic Forum’s LDS subforum…

  4. Ben, I have fond memories of the outbursts, yours especially, on MCC’s Electronic Forum. 🙂 I still remember how I did a hostile take over of the forum when the administrator decided to bring out some obscure quote by Brigham Young and use it to stamp out the mindless drivel we liked so much. Those were some fun times.

    I think I’m beginning to mellow with age. *gasp* I can remember situations in the past where I reacted very differently to how I would handle them today.

  5. What would Jesus do?

    That’s an easy one Brian. He would enrage people to such a degree that they would form a mob with the intention of killing him…

    Seems like a lot of us bloggers are moving in the right direction based on that model!

  6. Brian, I agree that the arguments can get nasty, and that tires me too. But then I see something that warms my heart or makes me laugh out loud, like y’all’s hilarious April 1 conversion into FMH. That’s the type of thing that keeps me coming back.

  7. I often have the same thoughts as expressed in this post but with one alteration: “I love people, I hate people.”

  8. Just a quick note and update about something else that I hate about blogging–comment moderation! It’s kind of a double-edged sword. It allows you to be away from the computer and/or smart phone and not worry about comments on a particular post.

    I turned on comment moderation yesterday as I was unable to monitor the conversation on the post. My apologies to those of you who got stuck in comment moderation. Comment moderation is now off and if I do it again (doubtful), I will leave a note on the post.

    That is all. 🙂

    Carry on.

  9. I love blogging. I love the conversation and the fights are often entertaining.
    I hate potty training, teaching a kid to drive, and cleaning bathrooms.
    Great cartoon Bookslinger. Thanks for sharing.

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