Random Mormon Poll #11: Net or Gross?

In a letter from the First Presidency dated March 19, 1970, the brethren wrote:

The simplest statement we know of is the statement of the Lord himself, namely, that the members of the Church should pay ‘one-tenth of all their interest annually,’ which is understood to mean income. No one is justified in making any other statement than this.”

I am interested to know your views on tithing and if you pay on the net or gross and why.

The poll is completely anonymous and M* does not have access to IP addresses for those who vote. Also, if you wish to leave an anonymous comment, you may do so (valid email address required) and your anonymity will be protected.

Any comments that attack the Church and/or its leaders will be promptly deleted.

Random Mormon Poll #10:

Random Mormon Poll #9: Which would you choose?

In the opening scene of Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye asks God wistfully, “who it would hurt if I were a rich man”?

The scriptures tell us, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.”  (Mark 10:25)

With the preceding  scripture in mind (yes, another agenda-driven poll question 🙂 ), I present to you today’s poll question. Be sure to register your vote in the poll and share your comments!

Random Mormon Poll #7: Healthcare Debate

Photo credit: USAToday

Photo credit: USAToday

In a recent OP/ED published in USAToday, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, D-Calif., and Steny Hoyer, House Majority Leader, D-Md., said that ‘‘Un-American’ attacks can’t derail health care debate.

This week’s poll focuses on the so-called uprisings at recent health care town halls around the country.

M* is interested in your thoughts and opinions on the health care debate. Be sure to register your vote in the poll and share your comments.

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