Bob Woodward’s “Obama’s War”

I recently read an article on Bob Woodward’s new book called Obama’s War. It’s about the Afghanistan war and the internal doubt over Obama’s strategies.

I am a big fan of Woodward’s book Plan of Attack: The Definitive Account of the Decision to Invade Iraq which described in detail how Bush made the decision to go to war in Iraq. It’s probably the only somewhat neutral treatment I’ve seen on the subject. I also enjoyed audio (and abridged) versions of Bush at War and State of Denial. I’m working my way through The War Within still. I’ll be adding Obama’s War to my list. (Probably the abridged audio version.)

If you haven’t read Plan of Attack, I think that should be required reading for all world citizens that either breathe or have pulses or possibly both. But be prepared to have everything you think you know about how we got into war in Iraq challenged. It seems to be a painful book for both sides to read which is why I think it’s probably basically true. Oh yeah, and also he backed it all up with thorough documentation too for those that are into that sort of thing.

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  1. Bruce, I read “Bush at War.” I haven’t read “Plan of Attack” or the new Woodward book on Obama yet.

    I’m glad you posted this because I’d like to take the opportunity to say, based on the media reports, that Obama comes across very well in “Obama’s War.” Nobody would have liked to have inherited these two wars, and Obama apparently is doing a lot to get us out of Afghanistan, and is running into incredible military opposition, and we should give him some credit for at least trying. So kudos to our president for trying to do what is right in Afghanistan (even if he did end up making the wrong decision to escalate the conflict).

    Yes, that’s right, readers, you read that correctly, I just praised Obama.

  2. I agree with Geoff B. that Obama is shown being a leader who, agree with his decision or not, knows that he is the commander-in-chief and in our country the military carries out the president’s orders whether they like those orders or not. I didn’t know he had it in him to keep from being pushed off his agenda.

  3. Sounds very interesting. Coincidentally I was just given “War Within” by a friend who was done with it. I may get to it one of these days, but unfortunately time — unlike books, seemingly — is limited!

  4. Agellius,

    While I haven’t finished the book yet, I do think you’d probably like it. But I found Plan of Attack the best so far.

  5. More Americans have died in Afghanistan in a year and a half with Obama than died in seven years under Bush. I’m not anti-Obama in principle–he has some very good qualities–but his management of the war does not seem to be a triumph. Why wouldn’t someone want to have inherited Iraq? It was very well contained and on schedule to be over soon when Obama came into office.

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  7. The fact is the war changes daily and the problem is the expectation that we can win this war. The book was clear as day… As for Obama’s leadership, it shows that there has been a dramatic change!! We had a talking head, a joke to the entire world… The image of Bush standing in front of that banner, please. This should be engrained in our minds…Now the shit has hit the proverbial fan because Obama is smart, so now we know to be scared haha
    These troops deserve nothing but praise and god willing we can come back from this, but Obama is certainly NOT the cause…you may not like the solutions, but there can be no scapegoat. Well, maybe one 🙂

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