Bloggernacle Thought: Brainwashing

Another reprint from Mormon Matters.

This comment is from SilverRain. I found it here.

“Brainwashed” is probably ranked with the weakest possible arguments. If I say you’re brainwashed, I can ignore the chance that someone might be able to disagree with me and have a valid point. If I can relegate you to a pat little category, I don’t have to listen. A little wake-up call, folks: it could be easily said that we are all brainwashed. We are all products of our environment. Quit name-calling and try—just try—to understand another person’s point of view for once. You might find yourself stretching and growing. You might even find yourself becoming wise.

Two related comments:

When a debate reduces to the point of namecalling it’s all over. Names are the verbal equivalent of throwing rocks, which is what kids do when they’re scared. (said by jendoop)

Jendoop—I love your turn of phrase, and your point. When people turn to namecalling it is generally because they are scared. Perhaps a little more compassion towards them is in order. (said by SilverRain)


2 thoughts on “Bloggernacle Thought: Brainwashing

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  2. Wow! I was just working on a post for a blog that is not LDS that expressed some of these views. I was talking about how much I dislike straw men or people saying that someone is stupid. I prefer people to actually discuss the issues.

    I like what Silver Rain has to say. 🙂

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