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I thought it might be nice to have an “around the net” listing interesting links of the week. I know Times and Seasons has their sidebar with good links. But there are always a few articles that deserve a bit more comment than just a link.

The first is a rather nice discussion of the historical nature of the resurrection. It’s by a non-Mormon, but seems quite in keeping with our beliefs. It explains why the resurrection was so important for 1st century Christians.

Next up is an other non-Mormon link. This one from the Skeptical Inquirer. Why do I link to it? Well that horrid book The Da Vince Code largely cribbed its “scholarship” from an old Masonic conspiracy type expose from the early 90’s called Holy Blood, Holy Grail. The idea is that the holy grail wasn’t a cup like Indiana Jones thought but the blood of Christ in the sense of children and lineage. Well the version of the conspiracy that Dan Brown borrowed from actually had Jesus and Mary Magdalene fleeing persecution from Peter and dying as an old man in France. The Skeptical Inquirer article discusses the myth and refutes a lot of it. A good read if you like The DaVince Code. An even better one if you hate it. I should add that the authors of Holy Blood, Holy Grail have sued Dan Brown over “plagiarism.” (How can a fictional book using purported “scholarship” on a topic be plagerizing? Does this imply that they don’t really think their book was scholarship?)

[Edit – somehow my post got corrupted]

The LDS blog scene has grown so much the last few weeks that it is very hard to follow all the posts. Aggregators like Planet LDS help, but even it gets out of date. So if you know of some good posts from blogs or recent online magazines, feel free to add them to this post in the comments. I know Times and Seasons has its side blog. But unfortunately you can’t comment on the links there. So feel free to do that here.

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  1. Sorry about that. I only checked the last paragraph when I saw it had been corrupted. I don’t know whether that happened on my end or on the blog’s end.

    I should add that Dave has put up a weekly magazine of the blogsphere which basically lists the best posts. He invited me to be the cotributor for the science section. It’s called the Bloggernacle Times. Hopefully it will do for Mormon blogs and sites what Arts and Letters Daily does for the humanities and what SciTech Daily does for Science.

    Funny aside, when Ivan asked about the SI article, I was thinking he was talking about Sports Illustrated. I was very confused until I saw more text was corrupted.

  2. I’m just too lazy to spell out Skeptical Inquirer. It’s got all those harsh consonants and tricky syllables. (Oh, wait – did I just spell it out?)

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