Where are the unmarried men? North Dakota, Wyoming…

Note to unmarried women:  North Dakota and Wyoming are filled with manly men working in oil fields.   And, by the way, Utah and Hawaii are looking good too.

Check out this chart here.


Go find them, help them get baptized if they are not already and then get married in the temple.  You now have a plan.


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5 thoughts on “Where are the unmarried men? North Dakota, Wyoming…

  1. Because you’ve always wanted to pay San Francisco apartment rates for a trailer in Middle of Nowhere Oil Field, North Dakota. And you’ve always wanted to work long hours in the oil fields so you can afford your rent.

    I know quite a few men who work out in Podunk Nowhere for a few weeks and then come home to civilization or near-civilization on their week off. Many of them are husbands and fathers. It’s a way to make some quick money, and in this economy many of them don’t have any other real options, but the lifestyle sucks. Every single one of them would take a fairly considerable drop in wages if it meant being able to go home to their families every night.

  2. Tim, agreed. I actually know some people who travel from where I live in northern Colorado up to ND every week and then come home for the weekends. Long drive, very tiring hours. Not what I would choose, but it is better than no job or working at Wal Mart for these people. The Western US was built by lonely men working in mines and forests and fields, as well as very lonely hunters and trappers. The oil fields have created another generation of pioneers of a sort. Civilization usually comes when these lonely men settle down with a nice woman.

  3. I married one such lone bachelor, lost in the wilds of Northern New Mexico 10 years ago. Thank goodness for Southwest Airlines, email and cheap cell phone plans.

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