What the Moon Brings by H.P. Lovecraft

Moon As many of you know, I love H.P. Lovecraft’s stories and have worked his stories and ideas into man of my past posts. In a past post I analyzed the relationship between his horror stories and his atheistic worldview. In another post I explained how “Lovecraftianism” was my word for a hypothetical worldview where truth can be worse than delusion, so delusion is preferred. So it only seems right that I give a sampling of his fiction. This story is one of his ‘flash fictions’ and is under 725 word long. It even ends with an “only-way-out” ending that many associate with Lovecraft’s cosmic horror, though in truth most of his stories do not end this way.

I hate the moon – I am afraid of it – for when it shines on certain scenes familiar and loved it sometimes makes them unfamiliar and hideous. Continue reading