Catholic bishop says Catholics and Mormons stand shoulder to shoulder as witnesses for Jesus

I know these types of talks happen all the time, but this one just made me feel good, so I want to share it. A Catholic bishop spoke at UVU on Tuesday and said Catholics and Mormons stand “shoulder to shoulder as witnesses of Jesus Christ.”

I just love that image of Christian people standing together to proclaim the truth of the Savior.

Catholic Bishop John C. Wester also said the following:

Wester noted that before Thomas S. Monson became LDS Church president in 2008, he attended every fundraising dinner for Catholic Community Services. Monson even did so, the bishop said, the week he ascended to the helm of the Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The way the two churches come together, Wester said, “could be a model [for the rest of the nation] of working for the common good.”

Good stuff.

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