3 thoughts on “Book of Mormon lesson 42, 3 Nephi 27-4 Nephi

  1. Thanks. I enjoyed the thoughts shared on this weeks lesson although I did find it a bit heavy on the hellfire in places.

  2. TJ,
    I suppose there always are the parts in the scriptures that are uncomfortable for us. I find the Book of Mormon does not speak much about hell fire, until this point forward. The destruction of the Nephites and Jaredites can teach us much as to what it must be like in hell, as both are an absence of faith, and places of chaos. But we can learn from the negative, as well as the positive. We see in the lessons on the BoM that there is a lot about justification, sanctification and returning to the presence of God. But it also deals with the opposite, becoming demons to a demon (as Jacob explains), or having one’s calling and election made sure in reverse as suggested a few times in the BoM. It can help us realize just how precious and important it is to repent and believe.

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