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Meg Stout has been an active member of the LDS church for decades. She lives in the DC area with her husband, Bryan, and several daughters. She is an engineer by vocation and a writer by avocation. Meg contends Joseph was under commandment to restore plural marriage and taught the acceptability of plural marriage. But Meg suggests Joseph may have privately defied the commandment for love of his wife, Emma.


PonderizelogoWhen Elder Durrant gave his talk about ponderizing, my family was not impressed. My daughter spent much of the talk groaning, screeching, and generally indicating her rejection of the bespoke word Elder Durrant created to make his point.

A month later we happened to have the missionaries over. As we talked about the gospel, they asked us if we were ponderizing. I tried to explain that I have done something like what Elder Durrant suggested for years. For example, when a missionary I would write important scriptures in calligraphy and post them on the walls of my apartment in Italy. My study of scripture has never been simple reading of the word followed by forgetfulness.

But my family members challenged me. I was not, they maintained, doing what the missionaries meant. They got a bit vicious, in fact. By the end of the week they understood how much their criticism had hurt me.

Coming from my own micro experience being an authority figure who had been reviled, I thought on Elder Durrant. Perhaps I could give his variant of pondering the scriptures a try.

Turns out there is an app for that. Continue reading

Cafeteria Mormonism – The Opium of the Heterodox

This is a guest post from Jeff G.


With the publication by the church of two essays that touch on feminist topics, the response within some parts of the bloggernacle has been the rather predictable mongering of contradictions. One post sought to show how different words from different leaders “compete” with one another on the subject. Another argued that church policy and church doctrine are in contradiction with one another. The conclusion for which all such posts obviously push is that, no matter what living prophets tell you on these subjects, you are completely justified in rejecting such teachings. It is this attitude of picking and choosing which doctrines and policies of the living church leaders to accept (as if the church were a cafeteria of sorts) that I want to expose and subvert. Continue reading

Commentary on Joseph Smith’s Monogamy

Meg-croppedIn response to the announcement that the Advanced Review Copy of Reluctant Polygamist is available, “Reader” suggested I look at a recent 42-page pdf titled Joseph Smith’s Monogamy: Exploring a Counter-narrative Regarding Plural Marriage. Henceforth I will refer to this as JSM.

The link didn’t work. A google search brought me to a copy that was posted at the blog “To The Remnant,” which is Adrian Larsen’s blog about doctrinal points that he thinks the mainstream LDS Church misunderstands. I haven’t read his site deeply, but it appears those who do comment on his blog embrace the heresy of Denver C. Snuffer. [Updated 12/6] Anonymous Bishop, another Snuffer sycophant, has also posted the pdf.

For the record, I am using the same format I used to comment on Brian Hales’ rebuttal of me. But I like Brian and Laura Hales. I don’t like anonymous people. To the anonymous author of JSM, I request that you grow the courage to own your writings. God, who is the only one who really matters, already knows you wrote it. Feel free to let your family, friends, and Church leaders know you are who you are. Continue reading

Reluctant Polygamist ARC Release

RP_CoverThe Reluctant Polygamist ARC is available for order today.

The Kindle edition is available for $0.99

A paperback edition is available from CreateSpace for $6.55 if you use discount code X2WKPKUV.

The paperback edition is at Amazon.com for $8.25, and with free Prime shipping (for those with Prime), Amazon might be the least expensive option. If you don’t see this listed, check back in a day or two.

Here is the pdf file. You’ll need a password, which you can get by following these PDF Instructions. The file has a watermark reminding you to delete this by 2/29/2016.

This is an ARC

As mentioned, this is an Advanced Review Copy of the book. Any and all criticism is welcome and may alter the final book. [updated 12/10] Initial feedback from KA and Reader has been incorporated, along with fixing endnote numbering and a few other details. For more information, check out the details a reluctantpolygamist.com.

I had hoped to have a complete, polished version available. And when it comes to the text itself, I think I have achieved that goal. Continue reading

Reluctant Polygamist: Advanced Review Copy available Cyber Monday

JosephFor over a year, there have been those requesting a copy of my Faithful Joseph series in book form.

On November 30, the advanced review copy (ARC) will be available. ARCs are usually extremely close to final form. In this case, I invite critical and substantive review and will make modifications to the final version where warranted. A dedicated website has been created to foster open discussion of any critiques.

The ARC will be available in at least three formats: Paperback, Kindle book, and pdf file.

Copies of the ARC will be available at cost through the end of January. Reviewers will have through the end of March to make comments they wish to see addressed in the final version. The release date for the final version will be announced the first week of April.

Why the new title? Why bother with an ARC? How is this different from the Faithful Joseph posts? Continue reading