The Great Bloggernacle Experiment Part 2

Anyone who is willing to participate and comfortable doing so is encouraged to help me with my Bloggernacle Experiment this Sunday, March 6th. For the background on this experiment read Part I, including the comments.

Participants will keep note of how many testimonies in their testimony meeting this Sunday mention the Savior, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon either directly or obliquely.

I have created a simple Adobe Acrobat .pdf file that provides a printable form to help you easily keep track of the information. It also includes some examples of Direct and Oblique references and basic reporting instructions.

Download Form

Report your data by emailing it to Email all the data for each testimony, not just a summary. Please include your city and state/province and country. Personal information will not be disclosed when the results are discussed here at the Millennial Star.

Remember this is not a measure of the sincerity or effectiveness of individual testimonies. This is similar to the common assignment given to seminary students throughout the church to keep track of references to certain things during general conference. If you find that participating in this experiment detracts exessively from the meeting, or causes you to feel judgemental of testimonies, please stop your participation at once and enjoy your meeting and the Spirit that should be the focus.

Thanks for your help.

5 thoughts on “The Great Bloggernacle Experiment Part 2

  1. I received data from seven wards. I had really hoped for at least 15 to 20. I am collecting all of the submitted data into a standard format and I will post the results as soon as I am able.

  2. Great Ben! Email it to experiment at millennialstar dot org ASAP. If there is anyone else out there who collected data and hasn’t sent it in yet, please send it as soon as you are able. Thanks!

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