The Choice: Joyful Family

The Very Ordianry Situation

It was bed time and I was tired, but when I got home my husband and children were out on the trampoline having a popsicle.  The first thought I had was to run out there with my star laser and pillow for a star party and maybe even sleep out.  My second thought was something like, “I can’t believe Spencer is keeping the children out so late and giving them sugar before bed.  I better get them in here.” 

My mind started comparing thought number one to thought number two to try to make a decision on what to do.  I thought about the kind of mother I am and the most important things in life.  I thought about how our family is working toward a family vision.  The vision is unity, love, fun, and friendship. 

Which choice would show those things to my spouse and my children?  I ran into my room, changed my clothes, got my laser, a pillow, a blanket, said my evening prayers and ran outside for a star party and family sleep out.  The trampoline wasn’t that comfortable, but the company sure was.  Time is temporary…Family is forever.

3 thoughts on “The Choice: Joyful Family

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  2. One of the best recent talks in conference was by Elder Haight in which he said when he and his family drive and get lost or have some other unfortunate occurence they start laughing about it rather than getting in a bad mood. Very important lesson for OCD-leaning people like myself. Have fun with your family instead of nagging your spouse. Good point.

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