What! Adversity is good?


We live in very difficult times. Many people worry about what is on the horizon, and what future adversities will come.

No need to worry. Adversity shouldn’t be feared. It should be accepted and embraced.

In the book Character, by Samuel Smiles, it says: “In fine, stability of institutions depend upon stability of character…The people may seem to be highly civilized, and yet be ready to fall to pieces at the first touch of adversity. Without integrity of individual character, they can have no real strength, cohesion, or soundness. They may be rich, polite, and artistic and yet hovering on the brink of ruin. If living for themselves only, and with no end but pleasure – each little self his own little God – such a nation is doomed, and its decay is inevitable.”

So, how do we train ourselves to be ready for adversity? How do we develop this kind of character and instill this much character in the hearts of our children? Continue reading