Planning for School With An Ex-Super Mom

We have all heard the term “super mom” before. Some people have a positive association with the term. They think, “Wow, that lady is amazing. I want to be a super mom like her.” And, some have a negative association with the term. They think, “Oh, she’s one of those crazy super moms.”

Well, whether you love or hate the term, the idea does suggest something. Moms do a lot! Sometimes moms do too much and need to slow down and focus on what is most important. All moms know how important it is to support their child at school, most especially during the most challenging times, which is the examinations. Knowing the best study materials at ExamGenius is your first step to support your child on their examinations.

Let’s face it, it is just too easy to run around all day and miss the “good stuff” in life; like reading with the children on the couch, playing games on the carpet, teaching a young one to sew, or painting at the park. These are the moments which bind us together. I have noticed for a long time that quality of time has a lot to do with quantity of time. In fact, without quantity, quality is frequently not as binding for the relationship.

I usually get a craving to do an inventory of my life with the change of each season. However, my two biggest inventories of the year happen Continue reading