10 thoughts on “Random Mormon Poll #13: General Conference

  1. I haven’t had a chance to see all of conference yet, but of the sessions I’ve seen, I really enjoyed Saturday morning. Elder Scott’s talk on receiving personal revelation was timely for me.

  2. Imagine my surprise as I sat in Priesthood session with my newly returned missionary son (5 days). I can’t think of a more relevant talk, or a more inspired one. We’ve listened to it a second time, and have had many discussions about it since then. Priesthood session in overall was the most powerful conference session I’ve attended in my 26 years in as a member of the Church.

  3. Larry, that was a great talk. My sons are too young for this to be relevant, but hopefully I’ll remember it when I’m older. Too many men read this blog: the voting is for priesthood session.

    I still like Elder Yoon’s talk best during priesthood session. But Elder Holland’s stirring defense of the BoM was a close second.

  4. Priesthood was the best session overall. I think Pres Uchtdorf’s talk on work and learning was excellent, as was Elder Yoon’s talk on rowdy Korean boys turning their lives around.

    Of course, Elder Holland’s talk on BoM will probably be one of the most talked about talks.

  5. Geoff B: Elder Yoon’s talk was definitely the second-best talk of the Conference, and the best of Priesthood session. From where I sat I couldn’t see the screen, but I understand he showed an excellent photo of the boys.

  6. Elder Yoon was number one for me, but Pres Uchtdorf is always great. I didn’t have a favorite session because my favorite part of conference is reading the talks in the Ensign.

  7. Either of President Uchtdorf’s talks get my vote as best of conference weekend. Which is interesting because I’ve never been a big fan of his talks until this go round.

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