Opportunity to Have a Free Conference Call With Nicholeen

This is exciting news! 

You are invited!  On January 5th, at 4:00 pm Pacific Time, I will be featured in a free parenting conference call.  The call will go for about 45 minutes and then have time for questions and answers.  This will be a great opportunity to ask those parenting questions you have been wanting to get answers to.  This is also a great tiime to get your spouse on the same page as you.  Listen together and discuss. 

As many of you know I home school my children.  This is why this organization has asked me to participate in this one of a kind telesummit.  The organization is Home Education Council Of America.  To sign up for the free  summit go to http://hecoa.com/summit.html  You don’t need to be a homeschooler to register.  I am speaking about parenting, not homeschooling. 

The telesummit will be all about parenting, and helping children with their educational experience.  Whether your child goes to a classroom each day or your classroom is at home this conference can benefit you.  Actually, every parent is a home school parent.  We all have great influence on how our child views education and family, and we are responsible for helping them succeed and find purpose in life.  This is the essence of homeschool and parenting.  In my mind they are the same. 

There will be many speakers over the ten day summit to offer suggestions and support to you while you help your children succeed.  Two of those other speakers are great friends of mine: 

Rachel DeMille: is a dynamic speaker and the author of many books on teaching children the way the American Founders were educated.  She speaks all over the world about something we do in our home; leadership education.  She speaks January 13th

Donna Goff: is a master at teaching families how to make their home cultures the best learning environment for all ages.  When my children were really young Donna helped me see what was most important and what wasn’t.  She speaks January 3rd.

As you make your new year’s calendar add the HECOA summit to your events.  Attending will help you accomplish all those New Year’s resolutions you have about being a better parent. 

Remember I speak on January 5th at 4:00 Pacific Time.  Come ready to ask some of your hard parenting questions. 

To register go to http://hecoa.com/summit.html 

Nicholeen’s parenting blog is http://teachingselfgovernment.com

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