I Need Your Help!


As many of you may know I am a woman with a mission. Quite simply, the mission is to assist in healing homes in preparation for difficult and exciting times to come. If the families of the world follow correct principles and live lives of love, selflessness, self-control, and good communication, then they will be ready to weather the storms of life in these days and to be ready for the exciting times ahead.

I have been given a message to share with the world which will bring peace to homes and souls. We all have a purpose and we must fit ourselves to it.

No mission was meant to be done alone, and I need your help with my mission. My mission is taking me to China in November, as a Utah Mormon to meet with Chinese officials and high ranking business people about strengthening the families of China. They want me to come share my parenting principles with them so that they can improve Chinese families too. They were looking for help, and they found me, a Mormon mother who has a mission to share truth about families to the world.

I have been invited, but the problem is no money will be given to me to go to China to spread this great message. I can’t sell anything there, because the government has to approve everything, and all the speaking assignments are scheduled to be free as a sign of good will from us. This trip will cost thousands of dollars, and I don’t have the money.

I know I am supposed to go, and have faith that things will work out, but faith without works is dead. I am acting on a feeling here and asking if any of you would want to support or donate to this mission. If so, you can email me privately at nicholeen@teachingselfgovernment.com This is how the Chinese found out about me.

One Small Thing Isn’t So Small

A year ago a show aired in England showing my family. It highlighted how we live and what some of our values are. It showed that the way we live can bring happiness to all people. We did this show for free because the BBC does not pay for people to participate in self help type shows. To view the show go here http://teachingselfgovernment.com/videos This show inspired people to raise the bar for their families by improving communication, and in many cases, to even find religion. The show was an instant success in Europe and has since been sold to other countries around the globe because of it’s good message, and positive impact on people and television ratings.

Our family has been overwhelmed by the emails and new friends we have made because of this show. We have also been humbled by the popularity of it. It was a blessing to be part of something which would strengthen so many people. The show was edited by God. Even the atheist director would tell you this.

When he left our home he told us it would take six weeks to edit the hours of footage. Upon hearing this we said, “Then our family will pray for you each day for six weeks.”

He said, “You will?”

Yes.” we said. “We know how hard it is to make a production like this and we know you want it to be the best you can make it. It will be hard work, so we will ask God to help you with it.”

He was very grateful.

After six weeks he called and said it was done, and declared that he thought we would really like it.

I said, “Oh I am so glad. I’m sure it is good. We prayed for you every day for these six weeks.”

I know you did.” He said. “I felt your prayers. I don’t know how to describe it. I have never been on a project like this before, but there were times when it was literally editing itself.”

At this point I knew I would love the show and that we had done the right thing by following what the Lord wanted us to do.

The show is the “most watched episode ever” according to the BBC and is being used for good around the world.

But What About China?

A while after the show aired the South China Morning Post did an article on my experience with the show. I had never thought about China having an interest in what I teach or about my show. I was taken back a bit.

A few months after I was in the China Post I was contacted by a woman who works closely with China and Utah on strengthening relationships. This woman has been asked by the Chinese government to help strengthen families in China, so she has asked me to go with her to China to do Chinese seminars for free and even be on the Chinese television as a good will education tour.

As Nehpi said of old, “I will go, I will do…” (Children’s Songbook; Nephi’s Courage)

I am very excited for this new adventure, and even more excited for the opportunity to use the gifts God has given me to work in China.

This past week a group of 13 Chinese government officials, business men, and doctors came to Utah for a short visit. I got the opportunity to meet them and spend the day with them. I got to speak to them about families and what I am coming to China for. Many of them had many questions and I only had a short amount of time, but in November I will have a week to talk about families, and the principles I know strengthen them.

Details About The Trip

This trip to China will not earn me any money because I can’t sell books there or charge for my speaking due to Chinese laws and because I want to give the seminars away to the people for a gesture of good will and to genuinely help them find principles to strengthen home and family. However, I am not a rich person and this trip is costing a lot of money. The cheapest plane ticket I could find on line was $1600. I know the Lord has prepared people to help with this mission just like he has prepared me to teach. But, I don’t know where to find these people. I need sponsors or donations to make this missionary trip possible. I am wondering if some of my internet friends could want to participate in this errand for the Lord.

If any of you friends are interested in supporting this cause to teach the people of China the principles of strong families please let me know. I can’t do it alone. My personal email is nicholeen@teachingselfgovernment.com

You can also see more of what I do and the things I teach at http://teachingselfgovernment.com I have been teaching people all over the world about self government, and raising strong children ever since I did foster care for difficult teens 11 years ago. This mission has never been about money, so needless to say I have done most of my work for little or no cost. Some people scrutinize me for that because it is not good business. One day I will learn all I need to know about business. Right now I am only worried about following the direction of the Spirit; money or no money. And this time, just as with the BBC show, there is no money involved.

I have learned that a person can’t ever do a mission alone. We were not meant to. By working together we can do miraculous things.

We live in a time when great things are happening fast and we are all part of the progress.

Our Chinese friends are excited about getting to understand our ways and virtues just as we are excited about getting to know them and their strengths. I found that out this past week when I got the opportunity to tour Salt Lake City with my new Chinese friends. I also found out that the one thing we can all talk about is family. Everyone has a family and loves their family. We all share that in common and can help each other to strengthen our families.

4 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. Nicholeen, this is really exciting. I go to Hong Kong all the time, and you will love China. The people are great. It is fantastic to see the work people like you are doing to help, in a small, unobtrusive way, the spread of the gospel in China.

    I’m not sure how much I can afford, but I’ll try to send you a little money.

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  3. I learned a lot from watching your show, and I don’t even have teenagers yet!

    I’ll send what I can and do my best to spread the word. Thanks for your great example.

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind replies and for your willingness to help me. I am so blessed to be in surrounded by so many supportive people.


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