Family Valentine Ideas

I make my children breakfast in bed every Valentine’s day.  It’s a tradition that we all look forward to.  It is my Valentine to them.  Some times we have red heart pancakes and sometimes we have eggs with candy sprinkles and chocolate chips.  🙂  Try it.  Surprise them.

Relationship building is so important.  If you want your children to come to you and confide in you during life then you need to build an honest, thoughtful, loving relationship.  Nothing says, I love and accept you better than doing surprise service for someone, and nothing makes children feel more grown up and special than getting breakfast in bed.  I hope you have a happy Valentines Day. 

Other ideas are:

Make a special Valentines dinner for your children to say I love you.

Color their milk red or pink in their breakfast cereal.

Tie balloons to their bed posts so that they wake up to a cheery surprise. 

Write love notes and hide them all over the house for the family to find all day.

Heart attack their bedroom doors with your own personalized paper conversation hearts.

Cut their sandwiches in heart shapes.

Take your lip stick and write the children a love note on the bathroom mirror. 

Okay, now you know.  I get a bit crazy at my house.  I like to have fun and I really like to make the children feel special. 

Much Love the Valentines Day,


3 thoughts on “Family Valentine Ideas

  1. Valentine’s Day is a big deal in the Geoff B family. First of all, it’s also our anniversary. Second, our ward has a lot of couples-related Valentine’s activities, including another one Friday night. As a stake we are really focusing on building up marriages, and Valentine’s Day provides a good opportunity for that.

    In addition, we have made special gifts for the kids. Hallmark has not profited, but our family has.

  2. Geoff,

    Strong husband and wife relationships are the very most important of all relationships. During hard political, economic, and social unrest, the thing that strengthens and carries the people through are good strong marriages. This has been proven through the ages. Your stake is doing a great thing!


  3. Our stake has an annual adults-only dinner and dance around St. Valentine’s Day. We attended last year and this year and had a very nice time.

    My high priests group also started a new tradition: providing flowers for the ward’s widows, all of whose husbands were members of our group. A group member and his wife did this on their own last year, and this year the whole group was able to pitch in, reminding these good sisters that their husbands’ influence is still strongly felt.

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