Disappearing Monologues

The disappearing posts of the Times and Seasons are the stuff of legends.

Earlier today a T&S blogger put up a snarky post with a clever title…something like “Dialogue is a Monologue”. Basically, the official Dialogue website has added a couple of blogs to their recommended links. The T&S post suggested that the selection of blogs indicated that despite its name, Dialogue was not really interested in hearing opposing views.

The post mysteriously disappeared after only a few minutes. Some suggest that T&S’s Correlation Committee is responsible. However, I suspect Dialogue’s own Strengthening the Members Committee.

If I only had been subscribed to T&S with my RSS Reader… *heavy sigh*

15 thoughts on “Disappearing Monologues

  1. I saw the post (by Nate O.). It already had two comments. I had written my own and then clicked “send” and got back a message saying something about that post not existing. That was a first-time experience for me on a blog.

  2. It went the same place as Nate’s post a few weeks ago about the state of his garden. Some sort of post limbo where it awaits approval by some unnamed cabal.

  3. Of course, the real news story here is how the perceptive minds at Dialogue won’t just link to any LDS blogs, but are true connoiseurs of Bloggernacle sophistication. 🙂

    And I’m afraid I missed Nate’s post. Alas.

    Aaron B

  4. And within minutes of posting this, both the M* and T&S servers go down…curiouser and curiouser…

  5. Some suggest that T&S’s Correlation Committee is responsible. However, I suspect Dialogue’s own Strengthening the Members Committee.

    Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! Nice, JMW.

  6. I think Nate’s second post is far more interesting and constructive that his first one, which did little more than snark that Dialogue had only linked to BCC and DMI. Dialogue is adding to its links page step by step, and it’s unrealistic for them to become A Soft Answer overnight. In time I’m sure their page will be just fine. What’s stupid is to infer some sort of agenda from their nascent blog links.

  7. Well said Steve. Although I suspect most of the comments are in good fun.

  8. Yes, and it’s positioned its links in order of importance too!

    Aaron B

  9. “Nate came back with something much better the second time around. In retrospect I’m glad he took away the old one and replaced it with this one.”

    Kind of like the small plates of Nephi material replacing the Lost 116 pages, eh?

  10. We’re (Dialogue) just getting into this blog thingy so please be compassionate and patient with me. Wish I could have seen the first post Nate made. Maybe he will share it and send it to me? My webmaster said he wanted to put the blogs in alphabetical order. If we have any problems with ya’ll thinking we’re playing favorites- they may all come off. I’m not that discerning yet. I would like to have a few blog links but since we’re not a blog site it seems like we shouldn’t be expected to have the whole list since M does and others that we have listed. I stumbled on a few blogs one day -a year or so ago and liked the idea. So I wrote to DMI and made a connection.Then BCC called the other day and I made another connection. Both attorneys-go figure. I noticed the T S site down a lot today. Is that normal or is it a karmic act?

  11. No, Lori, it is seldom down. Actually the only one I consistently have trouble with is Millennial Star, which I think is a glitch on my computer. A twice re-built 1990’s model.

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