Thank the Lord for Gladys Knight

I attach a story that was sent to me in an e-mail today from the Washington Post. Sorry I have not been able to find the link. This story just filled me with a hopeful Spirit.

A Star Act Helps Unite The Faithful With Song
Gladys Knight Tells Of Church’s Release From Segregation

By Hamil R. Harris
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, May 23, 2006; Page B03

It almost looked like a Gladys Knight concert, except there was no “Midnight Train to Georgia.”

It could have been a Pentecostal revival, but it was a Mormon-sponsored event starring the R&B Grammy winner.

For two days, there they were: Blacks and whites rocking and clapping together in a church that was once segregated.

Knight led her 100-member choir, Saints Unified Voices, and preached to 3,000 people during two services over the weekend at the Suitland Stake Center, headquarters for 12 Mormon congregations in the District and Southern Maryland. The choir won Best Gospel Choir Album in February at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards….

Link to full article (thanks to William Morris)

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5 thoughts on “Thank the Lord for Gladys Knight

  1. She recently came and performed in the Phoenix area. The price of admission was bringing a non-member friend with you, or being a non-member. They wouldn’t let you in if you didn’t have a friend. I was sort of suprised how literally they meant that.
    The other funny thing was when the stake president announced it in stake conference, he cautioned all the members that there would be applause, clapping, and some dancing in the chapel. He then earnestly assured us that it was O.K. and we should all try to see it anyways.
    Either way, the missionaries especially enjoyed the whole thing.

  2. I recently read something, I think it was a review in People magazine, and was surprised at what she was wearing. It was sleeveless and cut in a revealing way. I’m not a prude, but I thought she’d been to the temple.

    Do you think they put someone else’s body on her picture?

  3. Maybe Sis. Knight thinks of it as ‘professional wear.’ Dunno.

  4. I was in DC today and saw this in the paper. A great story. Thanks for posting it, Geoff.

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