Thanksgiving Drama!

Who will end up feeling like a turkey this Thanksgiving?

Even though most people look forward to eating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with family, there are a few who get a little anxious when they think about seeing people they haven’t talked to for a while or people they don’t feel like they get along with. I think most people have experienced some anxiety at some point in their lives while anticipating a family dinner or event. Continue reading

Parents Are Confused

The conflicting voices in society about raising children leave many parents feeling confused about what their parental focus needs to be. Should parents focus on autonomy and let children guide their own lives and make their own choices? Or should parents train children with exactness; requiring that children learn how to

behave for self mastery and future happiness? Continue reading

Feeling The Heat: Anger Issues

The west is on fire! Islands, mountains, and farm lands are burning all over. Even in cities where there are no fires burning there is smoke which looks like winter fog. What should we do? What can we do? Many people stop and stare. Many people complain. But, only a few are working to stop the fires from burning. As I think about fires, it occurs to me that more than the west is on fire. The world is on fire!

Fire is a sign of destruction and a sign that conditions have become too hot. Heat happens in homes all over the world. The relationship heat builds and then the family is metaphorically on fire. Fires start small, but when fueled they grow quickly. In families, one person gets angry with another person. This is a small fire. In no time, the other person is offended and mad, and the other people in the family have either taken sides in the argument or they are mad about something else because the feeling in the home has consumed their hearts too. This is a recipe for family disaster. Continue reading