Admin: Down Time and New Server

We’re back! For those of you who do not know, last Friday (the 13th no less!) our previous hosting service banned us off of their system. According to them our site was crashing the shared server. We had no advanced warning and no access to our files or databases.

After trying in vain to convince them that the ban was based upon a misunderstanding–I wont go into details–the hosting service did agree to send us a backup of our files and databases. We received the data Saturday afternoon. We purchased a new hosting package from a different provider Saturday night and restored all of our files and databases to the new server. But the domain name did not resolve to the new host until this morning.

All of our posts and all of your comments have been restored. We have been testing to make sure that the move has not caused any unexpected bugs. We think that it is in working order. However, if you do run into a bug, please report it here or by emailing administrator at millennialstar dot org.

In the future, if the M* is unavailable for some reason you can check our backup blog at for information about what is happening.

9 thoughts on “Admin: Down Time and New Server

  1. So, does crashing a web server without being noticeable to the browsing public make Bryce a Class Six Hacker?

  2. Yeah…he is smooth.

    Actually, back in January, before went live and we were programming the site, we developed it on a dev/test server through yet another hosting service. When we moved it to the live server, some of the code I had implemented that had worked fine on the dev server caused the live server to crash.

    I spent a week with the hosting service support team trying to figure out what was wrong and in the end we simply removed the code. During that week, I crashed the live server at least 10 times while testing it in conjunction with their support team.

    To our knowledge, we haven’t crashed the server ever since we went live on Feb 2nd so we were quite suprised when they banned us.

  3. No…after looking at GoDaddy, we decided it sucked. We went with your suggestion: vizaweb.

  4. I hope my suggestion works out for you. My experience with them was pretty good. There were a few downtimes that I experienced, but they usually responded quickly to emails. For the price and the structure of their plans, as far as I can tell, they cannot be beat.

  5. Many thanks to Jon for his considerable efforts in resurrecting M*.

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