‘Twilight’ spreading the message it’s OK to be chaste?

This article from Ireland says the “Twlight” series is helping spread the message among teens that it’s ok to be chaste and that chastity may be the new teen revolution.   Is this possible?

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11 thoughts on “‘Twilight’ spreading the message it’s OK to be chaste?

  1. I haven’t read any of the “Twilight” books or seen any of the movies, thankfully. That said, I don’t doubt that the books/films could be preaching chastity. That would be a refreshing change!

  2. I haven’t read the books, but my wife says they preach chastity in a not obvious way. The movies don’t at all from what I can remember. The couple just seems to be having so many problems with werewolves and other vampires that they haven’t got around to sex yet. Honestly if my wife hadn’t explained everything I wouldn’t have a clue why the two characters are in love at all.

    Then again, most of the people that see the movies have probably read the books, so it’s reinforcing the message from the books.

  3. It does preach chastity, but in a very questionable manner. Both of them get very close to the actual act of sex and vampirism without going over. Its actually a warning for men than it is to women in the character of Edward. Bella by the second book wants to go all the way, and Edward holds back not wanting to destroy her soul. The whole series is a lot more complicated in its views, and I don’t think because Meyer meant to be.

  4. I suppose kids will do anything be different than their parents, even if that means rejecting some of the hippy-era free love philosophy.

  5. @Peter: FTA (love the book title)

    Dawn Eden, author of The Thrill Of The Chaste, believes chastity could be the new sexual revolution. She says: “Teenagers are more open to waiting because they want to show their individuality, to rebel, and the most counter-cultural thing they can do these days is to save sex for marriage.”

    She adds: “They want to be happy, and they see their friends who are sexually active aren’t necessarily happier.”

  6. I realy doubt it. Pre-marital sex is the norm in our culture. 95% of the US population in studies has engaged in pre-marital sex.

  7. I’ve read the books, and I don’t think they should get any credit for promoting chastity. Chastity is something that is forced on them by circumstances, not something they choose to do. Plus, if you go by the book, it’s perfectly okay to spend all night cuddled together in the same bed, and I highly doubt any teenager is going to do that for long without crossing the line. Bella actively seeks sex before marriage, and it’s Edward who insists they get married, but it seems more like an afterthought than any kind of real commitment to chastity.

    It’s like those Mormon novels where it’s supposedly okay that the woman has fallen in love with someone who isn’t Mormon because, you know, she feels really conflicted about it, but in the end he converts so it’s all “okay.” Real life just doesn’t work like that, most of the time anyway.

  8. Actually I agree with #8 Kathy. Sneaking a guy up to your room to cuddle all night, is not chaste. Also Edward has borderline abusive and definitely over the line, controlling. I would not like my daughters to think “love” is obsessive, controlling, and abusive.

    Having said that, I applaud Stephanie Meyer on her success. I will not ban my daughters from her books, but we will talk about what is unrealistic, unsafe and not what you are looking for in a partner. I will stress this is fantasy, not reality.

    Too many mothers are weirdly gaga over these books and pushing them on their pre-teen and teen daughters and that is what I find to be creepy.

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