The World’s new Best Hope?

Now that his Dad’s dead, will the North Korean Empire finally modernize? Or will it sink deeper into the looney megalomania inbred into the family?


What say you?  Will he trade cheap Japanese knock-offs with the West? Or will he trade nukes?


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11 thoughts on “The World’s new Best Hope?

  1. I had hopes when I first heard it. Then I read this WSJ article with the key bit “Kim Jung Eun tortured small animals when he was a youth.” Now I think the best hope is for China to take advantage of the situation and manage N. Korea. (After all if N. Korea falls there will be massive refugees coming into China)

  2. Well, he looks like a cheap knock-off of his father, who was a cheap knock-off of his father.

    I just wonder how many generations of Krazee you can have before the “truce” ends and war begins again.

    I do not believe that “hope” or “change” come from Messiah figures, no matter how beloved of the people….

    As for scatology, I’m afraid most of us will some day be experts in the field. Does being 52 years of age make me eschatological? Just because I’ve seen some history, does not mean I’ve seen all of it…..

  3. I think even if he wanted to modernize, there are enough people in the commanding heights that would take him out or help him see that the family way is the best way. I feel terribly for the North Korean people though, they will always be the true victims here.

  4. I wonder how many billions it would take to buy everyone in North Korea that matters to turn the place over to South Korea, minus the nuclear program which would be carted away.

  5. Ok, wierd thought (a la Douglas Adams).
    If his father was Kim Jong Il (looks like the 2nd), and he is Kim Jong Un (or the 1st), does that make his son Kim Jon the Nothingth, future president of the Galaxy?

    Not usually one to make fun of others, but this just struck me as odd/funny.

  6. Rameumpton, I think he was supposed to be the reincarnation of his father the God. No word on whether this one is. (No – I can’t quite figure out how that works either)

    John, a lot of people are scared about the idea of reunification. The per capita GDP is something like 15x different. Plus the people in the north (unlike say East Germans) have absolutely no skills. The best hope, as I said, is China to ease things.

    Frank, Rick Perry put out an official press release calling him Kim Jon II. Misread that “il” a bit. I laughed. There were a lot of hilarious tweets that day. Some unintentional. A lot of tragic ones too when you stop and think what N. Koreans deal with.

  7. I actually spent 1985 in South Korea with the Air Force. I did go to Panmunjom, and stepped over into North Korea. It is kind of a creepy feeling being there, with North Korean and Chinese soldiers looking on.

    I fully understand the issue of the North Koreans considering them a family of gods. Millions die of starvation, while the military spends the money developing nuclear weapons, but the people still worship them.

    It is akin to having to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki to force Japan to stop worshiping their Emperor and surrender.

  8. Good point, Clark. Twenty years ago there would have been plenty of middle-aged South Koreans who still missed the other half of their land and people, but that time is a fading national memory now. Still, it seems it would be worth something to not share a hostile border with North Korea, and if it’s not, if South Korea doesn’t have a problem with the status quo, then maybe there isn’t a problem.

  9. Yeah – but I think it would be economically devastating for South Korea. There’s no way they could do it like Germany did. Both Korea and China would have huge issues with refugees. Reportedly China is trying to get its troops stations back in N. Korea. They were mostly kicked out although reportedly there are some in some regions – but China is so much wealthier that I’m sure N. Korea wouldn’t want it.

    I suspect the new “leader” will remain restrained by other forces and that China will be able to exert more power than they have in some time.

  10. Rameumptom, I wasn’t doubting your knowledge. I was more just taking the opportunity to crack a joke at how the son is the reincarnation of the father while both are alive. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

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