The wake up call from Elder Bednar, with reminders from Moroni and President Benson

Kudos to the people who put together this short video. Take a look.

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20 thoughts on “The wake up call from Elder Bednar, with reminders from Moroni and President Benson

  1. That was very timely, and very nice. Thank you for sharing that Geoff. Thanks to whoever put it together.

    A few years ago we were at a family dinner and in our conversation my husband mentioned secret combinations. One of our cousins looked at him and said, “You don’t really believe that those are real, do you?” We were both stunned that this person did not believe that secret combinations were real. They are very real, and I think one of the “good” things to come out of this time of Covid is that those secret combinations have and are revealing themselves.

  2. Most of my non-LDS friends understand the concept of secret combinations, even if they don’t know that particular description. What is the Mafia, if not a secret combination? Of course politicians and different pressure groups secretly plan things — this has happened since the beginning of human society. It is crazy NOT to believe in secret combinations. Of course reasonable people can disagree on what secret combinations are most dangerous. My personal opinion is the cultural Marxists who are taking over most of our institutions are the biggest threat, but other people seem to believe that Orange Man Bad is the biggest threat. As I say, reasonable people can disagree over this, but they cannot disagree that secret combinations exist.

  3. Paraphrasing Nephi:

    “And behold, others [they] flattereth away, and telleth them there [are no communists]; and [they] saith unto them: [we are not a secret combination], for there is none—and thus [they] whispereth in their ears, until [they] grasp[] them with [their] awful chains, from whence there is no deliverance.”

  4. That is a great video. But I have to admit that I often feel ashamed to say those kinds of things out loud. Even in the Church, people look at you funny if you mention secret combinations. I resolve now to be unashamed to repeat the truths that prophets and apostles have taught.

  5. I think the video is poor substitute for listening to Elder Bednar’s remarks in context. If all you see is the video, you could get the impression that the Church is against public health measures. It is not, and Elder Bednar said that multiple times in the same address.

  6. Handfullmom, I always am in favor of people listening to the entire messages of modern-day prophets, seers and revelators. So, here is entire video, and readers can judge for themselves.

    Now, having said that, it is worth pointing out that the LDS newsroom also has an article on his comments, and the title of that article is: “COVID-19 Crisis—A Wake-Up Call for Religious Freedom.” So, the clear intention of Elder Bednar’s commentary was to issue a “wake up call,” which is what the video says.

  7. I think this video is very misleading and would encourage readers to read the full transcript of Elder Bednar’s talk.
    I think we should also realise that issues that appear to need to be addressed in the US does not make them worldwide Church issues.
    Here in the U.K. I can find plenty to be critical of the government’s handling of this crisis and have missed worshipping with my brothers and sisters. Having said that I am grateful for the action taken that has saved lives when so many have been lost.

  8. Some members I think shrug it off because they think “secret combination” means something like a 9-11 conspiracy theory.

    They don’t realize a secret combination can be a group of people out in the open that say one thing that sounds innocent but have a dark motive behind it.

  9. I can’t speak for others, but I generally shrug off secret combination fears because the people espousing them (in my perception) are (1) wacko; or (2) trying to persuade me politically or otherwise with bogeymen. I’ve never knowingly had an encounter with a real secret combination, or with anyone else that has. Maybe that’s why they’re called secret.

  10. So many people have been mis-educated, mis-led, duped, and even brainwashed, that true “in the know” conspirators only need to be scattered about at the upper levels.

    “Received-wisdom,” group-think and peer pressure takes care of the rest.

    However, there comes a time when even those who are not purposely evil are at least purposely ignorant, and purposely continuing the charade. IE, “things coming to a point” as Bruce Charlton says.

    He explores the “screw-up or conspiracy” false dichotomy here:

    This also seems a good place to plug a piece by Catholic theologian Peter Kreeft, wherein he describes the real enemy, and who our “patients” ought to be. Sort of along the lines of one of Meg’s themes.

  11. Not all things that involve secrets are things that should be dreaded as secret combinations. On the other hand, there are things that are far from secret that, taken to their logical limit, would curtail freedom beyond reasonable concern for health.

    Since I’m in Virginia, some folks have objected to the fact that online complaints (people not wearing masks, locations that are occupied more than currently allowed) can be submitted anonymously to the Virginia Department of Health. Some refer to this as a “snitch line“.

    Another concern is governmental folks who do not value religious expression cracking down specifically on religious worship when allowing Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) stores to be open. Unfortunately, several early super-spreader events were positively linked to choirs (e.g., the choir practicing in Washington State) and typical worship (e.g., a pastor greeting parishioners with handshaking and hugs, as seen in the first COVID case in the DC area and many of the subsequent initial known infections).

  12. I’ve been in what could be called a secret combination meeting. They weren’t bad guys an be it was largely benign, but motivated in a global scale to get/bag maintain gain. It was a room of most the main “players” within an entire industry. Not everyone who had power, but the people who could make any changes together that would steer others who weren’t there and especially the consumer and to thousands of businesses to go along.

    This same group of 20 met in a smaller group of 10 to presumably steer that group I was in.

    I have no problem understanding how these things happen. And it’s scary as hell to imagine that main of the super elite “meetings” are filled with people who see humanity as a problem.

  13. Worst Secret Combinations/Gadianton Robbers (+Murderers): The North Korean leadership, the Chinese Communist Party, the current Venezuelan leadership. These are the ones still in power as of course human history is filled with such groups on large and small scales. We see examples of secret combinations in our democracies and republics all the time in the news–when something is leaked or people get caught. Volkswagen emissions scandal to name just one in the business world, political combinations galore. When one political party or coalition controls the executive branch and both house of parliament/congress, there is a high risk for secret combinations, due to human nature. The natural man is an enemy to God. The scriptures couldn’t be clearer. That is why the “Church of the Devil” is anyone and anything that does the work of the adversary. There is (has been for a long time, the prophets have warned us) a wave of devilish ideologies sweeping through the land. I am thankful for the higher grounds of Latter-Day revelation because the wave sweeping through the land may become a tsunami. Elder Bednar is correct. The Church also recognizes that not all intentions were bad when making decisions about COVID-19, Back in February and March, HUMANS had an unprecedented situation where hundreds and thousands of lives could be saved IF the imperfect people in charge made the right decisions. Should have-could have-would have… Unprecedented because the world is very different from 1918 when the flu pandemic hit, in addition to the virus being different. We have instant communication, more scientific knowledge, computers, planes, and companies working on vaccines almost from day one. We’re “smart” now. But in the end, it’s elected officials (politicians) issuing executive orders in a polarized nation on a presidential election year…

  14. Anyone who believes that an end justifies the means used to obtain that end is is ripe to join a secret combination. Any group whose stated aim is not supported by honest, honorable ways of attaining that aim could be termed a secret combination. Individuals who work to abridge the moral agency of others, or in any way strive to destroy or hinder the work of the Lord, are members of the church of the devil; a group of such individuals is the epitome of a secret combination.

  15. This weekend we began reading the book Purity and Passion, written by Wendy L. Watson, PhD (now known to many of us as Sister Nelson).

    While her book is focused on marital intimacy, I feel many of the principles apply to public discourse. When we assume and horribilize others, it becomes difficult to achieve respectful discourse.

  16. Did anyone record this video before it was taken down? This was so powerful when I watched it and wanted to share it with someone, but now it’s gone

  17. Taken down again. I would assume the church is exerting copyright over it and doesn’t appreciate Bednar’s words being mingled with Bensons?

  18. Video link broken again. Some religious freedoms are not to be promoted I guess.

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