Podcast: The Power of Positive Self Talk

Growing up, Leta Greene never thought she would grow up to be a beauty consultant and motivational speaker. But she has overcome the scars of emotional and physical abuse and feelings of awkwardness and ugliness, excelling at life by choosing happiness.

Leta has developed a system of changing the way women perceive themselves through daily validation or “vanity prayers.” She has learned that nobody can give from an empty well. One of the most important things we need to nurture is our relationship with ourselves.

Through her experiences, she speaks to setting healthy boundaries to protect against emotional and physical abuse and listening to our inner compasses in our interactions. She advocates only allowing into our spheres of influence those we love, trust, and who take responsibility.

The way women perceive themselves is often the biggest “glass ceiling” they need to break in order to excel and achieve their dreams. Leta gives us some tools to begin thinking in new ways.

3 thoughts on “Podcast: The Power of Positive Self Talk

  1. While the power of positive thinking is hardly new, the point of this podcast is how powerful it is for women, specifically, to nurture themselves against damaging messages from those around them.

    Before listening to this podcast I had a chance to participate in a small women’s chorale that sang a glorious rendition of Love Divine. I commented to the stake presidency person in attendance that I was aware of ladies in that chorale who had been victims of police brutality, rape, domestic abuse, and infidelity. And this was a small group where I didn’t even know all the singers.

    Just to say there are times when the smiling women you see every day could be dealing with negative messages that their casual acquaintances know nothing about.

  2. Dilbert creator Scott Adams, on his blog and in his youtube videos, credits affirmations (along with other things) for his success.

    I strongly believe there is a _degree_ of truth in it. The way some people describe it, it comes across as a blend of magic and hypnosis, which goes against what I think is logical. But 99% of the human mind isn’t logical. As Adams says, I think we rationalize more than think rationally.

    So while I disagree with the overall way some people describe it, there is some truth in there. And it does seem to have an effect, in spite of the inaccurate/insufficient or misleading descriptions of how it works.

    I think it also related to the “law of attraction.” Which, in turn, might be related to how God “grant[s] unto men according to their desires.”

    I’ve never read a logical explanation of affirmations or the law of attraction. I’ve never read anything that comes close to how those two things “feel” to me. And I don’t have the vocabulary to adequately describe my thoughts and feelings.

    All I can say is that I believe there is something there, and if used righteously (like all things), it can be in full accord with the gospel and Heavenly Father’s will.

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