The JD Vance truth bomb regarding the ruling class

JD Vance grew up in a poor area of Ohio, had a rough upbringing, later went on to join the Marines and eventually got a law degree from Yale law school. He wrote one of the most talked about books of 2016-2017, “Hillbilly Elegy,” which was universally praised by the mainstream media. This was primarily because Vance went to Yale and was a venture capitalist and therefore was considered part of the ruling class.

Then JD Vance decided to run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican from Ohio, and now the ruling class hates him. And he is fighting back.

“We are run in this country, via the Democrats, via our corporate oligarchs by a bunch of child less cat ladies who are miserable at their own lives and the choices that they’ve made and so they want to make the rest of the country miserable too,” Vance said.

“It’s just a basic fact,” Vance continued. “You look at Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, AOC. The entire future of the Democrats are controlled by people without children.”

“How does it make any sense we turned our country over to people who don’t really have a direct stake in it?” he asked. “I just wanted to ask that question and propose that maybe if we want a healthy ruling class in this country, we should invest more, we should vote more, we should support more people who actually have kids. Because those are the people who ultimately have a more direct stake in the future of this country.”

“It hit a nerve,” Vance said about the vehement reaction to his comments. “These people recognize that they’re unhappy. They live in one-bedroom apartments in New York City. They’ve played their entire lives to win a status game. They are obsessed with jobs. They are obsessed with their wealth and their fortunes and they look at middle America, people who are pretty happy with their lives and the choices they’ve made. And they hate normal Americans for choosing family over these ridiculous D.C. and New York status games.”

“I think because of that they just get so angry when somebody calls it what it is,” he said. “It’s acceptable if they ignore that it never happens but if someone calls out that, look, if you are a miserable cat lady you should not force your misery on the rest of the country. They just get really upset about it.”

“It’s a good thing they get upset about it,” Vance continued. “It suggests they know that we are hitting a nerve. Not just in this campaign but with this message that we should invest in American families in this country. If nothing else, we should be about healthy, stable families.”

“Happier people would make for a happier country,” he said. “The most miserable people in the mainstream media are these mediocre journalists who have their entire sense of self-worth wrapped up in their crappy jobs instead of their families.”

“People who go home at night and see the face of a smiling kid, whatever their profession, I think they are happier, I think they are healthier and they are going to be better prepared to actually lead this country,” Vance said.

“The problem I have of entering this period of COVID obsession again is that we have so many people proposing we mask our children again,” he said. “The people who are proposing it, they don’t have to go home to a child at the end the day. If they did I don’t think they would propose all these ridiculous restrictions again.”

Here is the video of JD Vance’s controversial statements.

A few important points:

1)JD Vance is a populist, and I disagree with him on a lot of issues.

2)There are plenty of childless Republicans and Libertarians also, so the claim that this is just about Democrats is false.

3)It is undeniable, however, that people without children are going to have different priorities than people with children, and it is true that fewer people in the ruling class today have children, so, yes, they are more likely to promote policies that harm young people. All you have to do is look at the ridiculous attempts to mask up our kids again for school when the science clearly shows that kids are at a near-zero risk from COVID-19 and its variants. This also applies to vaccines, by the way, and even the WHO does not recommend vaccinating people under 18, but our ruling class wants them all to be jabbed.

4)I can also report that my personal experience is that people without kids do, indeed, tend to be increasingly miserable as they get older, especially if their lack of progeny is due to poor choices when they are young. Having children helps you understand that life is about more than your own selfish choices, and this is a key factor in personal happiness.

5)JD Vance is about to turn 37, is married and has two kids. He recently converted to Catholicism. Just FYI.

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3 thoughts on “The JD Vance truth bomb regarding the ruling class

  1. Politics aside, the prophets have told us for many many years that worldly success will never compensate for the joy that comes from strong loving relationships with spouse and children. Worldly status can be satisfying for a time, but like all of Satan’s falsehoods, they are ultimately empty, fleeting, and will never bring eternal joy. Heaven will be all about connection with other people – being of one heart, one mind. We train for it here. People are happier here and now if they have strong family relationships than any worldly success. There won’t be any CEOs in heaven, no doctors, lawyers, engineers, nurses, software developers, etc. There will only be husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. The prophets have taught us this over and over.

  2. Going into 2020, I was a little bummed that whatever was planned for the “anniversary of the first vision” Smithapalooza church festivities was all getting shelved. But as the year went on, and as we came into 2021, I realized that I’ve grown closer to God by watching the world’s elites grow more and more obviously grotesque chasing status and power than I ever would have watching a set of firesides or devotionals or cool videos. It’s a striking lesson, and one I hope to never forget.

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