The fascinating story of two women with same-sex attraction who found the Gospel

This is one of the most interesting and faith-promoting

videos I have watched in some time.  Two women with same-sex attraction got married to each other.  One had history in the Church, the other did not.  Because of love from their family members, they began a journey towards full acceptance of the Gospel.  Their ward and the missionaries were filled with love toward them.  They then decide to get divorced, and the woman who was not a member got baptized.   They describe in detail their very touching testimonies of the truth of the Gospel.

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7 thoughts on “The fascinating story of two women with same-sex attraction who found the Gospel

  1. This video defies facile comment. I am delighted they found Christ in the Mormon faith. It’s obviously a hard thing that they’ve given up a marriage relationship to embrace the gospel. So for those outside the faith, I can imagine they wouldn’t see this as a happy story. But for those within the faith, each person who finds Christ is to be celebrated and supported.

  2. The LeadingLDS podcast just did an episode with a male-female couple who keynoted at Northstar recently. Apparently they were both in same-sex relationships, ended those relationships, returned to church and married each other.

    Repentance is a wonderful thing; but I think the next narrative that’s going to emerge amongst our detractors is how the LDS Church is breaking up families.

  3. JimD, here is the link to that story:

    You are correct: the detractors will use that and many other things against us. The bottom line is there are mortal tests for people with same-sex attraction (how to deal with those attractions and still follow the Gospel). There are also mortal tests for orthodox members in providing love and support to family members who make choices that lead them away from the Gospel. And there are tests for members and questioning members who are critics: how do they support the Church and modern-day prophets while having love for all members, including those who don’t live up to the critics’ standards of tolerance and understanding. There is a lot of testing going on, and a lot of people are going to fail the test.

  4. I love these stories. I hope many read them and consider how they treat the LGBT people in their life. In both of these stories the people involved had LDS family members who loved them without judgment, included them, accepted them. They also had LDS family members who judged, and excluded them because of their “gay lifestyle”. Note who was able to bring the Spirit into their lives and who did not. Love is always, always, the better way.

  5. Geoff, I think you touch on a point that Hugh Nibley, among others, brought up. All of us, at all locations along every dimension where we measure or place ourselves, are being or are going to be tested. Rich/poor, liberal/conservative, as well as all dimensions of personality (shy/outgoing, timid/confident), education, intelligence, talent, health, physical appearance, etc.

    I think the Lord spoke to this when He said the high will be brought low, and the low exalted (brought up).

    The early saints of this dispensation went through several “filterings”, in New York/Pennsylvania, Kirtland, Missouri, and Nauvoo, before that tested-and-true core foundation made it out to the Salt Lake basin. All those who dropped out had at one point believed and made committments.

    Perhaps the same is happening today. Not all the survivors of the Great and Dreadful day will be LDS, but that core of LDS who do survive that day will have to be Celestial-quality people to head-up the ecclesiastical side of that new society. (And if I understand the story correctly, _all_ survivors of that day, LDS or other, have to be at least Terrestrial-quality.)

    If there was a great winnowing/filtering from 1830 to 1847, just to set up a base in what became Utah, think of how much more will be required when the Lord comes to personally reign. In the scriptures, He promised to cleanse the earth, and He also said it would start with His own house.

    In this tumult of words and opinions our nation is currently going through, more and more it seems like the best, and only survivable, course is to follow the Brethren.

  6. To this talk about winnowing and such, I am reminded of a quote attributed to J golden Kimball:

    “I repent to d***ed fast.”

    Those who love the Lord enough to repent and obey in whichever order is required to be straight with God are the ones who will be with him at the end.

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