When They Saw the “Star”, They Rejoiced with Exceeding Great Joy!

I just recently read the above line (Matt. 2:10) in my study of the New Testament, and I thought it would make a nicely appropriate title for this post. My name is David Larsen and I am very happy to be participating with The Millennial Star as a new contributor.  Most of you probably don’t know me — I am a PhD student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland and am the author of a solo blog called Heavenly Ascents.  I’ve been blogging for 2+ years now, but never managed to be greatly active on the Bloggernacle (not out of lack of interest — I blame my busy school schedule).  However, I have recently been in closer contact with some of the founding members/bloggers here at Millennial Star and (although I have long been familiar with the blog and frequently enjoyed reading it) have recently been increasingly impressed with their dedication, sincerity, and faith.  When the opportunity arose for me to contribute to the “Star”, I “rejoiced with exceeding great joy.” 🙂

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