Pres. Monson gives Pres. Obama his genealogy

Pres. Monson met Pres. Obama today and gave him his genealogy.  Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV and a Church member) joined them.  UPDATE:  Church Public Affairs put out a news release with more information on the meeting here.

These meetings are mostly photo ops, but it is important (and an honor) for the prophet to meet the president.  The Church has provided genealogy to all of the recent presidents.

Anybody interested in the relationships between Church leaders and the leaders of the free world should read “Presidents and Prophets.” I reviewed the book here.

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15 thoughts on “Pres. Monson gives Pres. Obama his genealogy

  1. So, did they prove he’s truly an American citizen and dispell the whole birth certificate issue thingie?

  2. Is it name-dropping if I don’t actually mention a name? I know one of the EXCELLENT researchers who has been working on this project for many months, and I’m basking in the glow of third- or fourth-hand glory tonight.

    The Church gets the credit, the big names get the photo op. But let’s remember the unknown men and women whose genius ferreted out all that forgotten data — here’s to you, my friend!

  3. So,

    If Mitt was president, would the church expect him to already have his geneology done? 😉 Perhaps the meeting would involve Mitt giving the church his records!

  4. Really, Ardis? President Monson didn’t do the research himself?

    Actually, I was thinking about that very thing yesterday. That is a lot of work and since it is being presented in public, I am sure that there must be considerable scrutiny of the details.

  5. So, the Apollo 11 astronauts come to see you to mark the 40th anniversary of their mission. They leave, and then in come President Monson and Elder Oalks for a visit. Some of the President’s duties are pretty nice.

  6. I understand the Apollo 11 astronauts volunteered to take Obama’s genealogical records on Mars. 😉

    Ardis: Although I doubt I know the researcher you know, I happen to know an excellent researcher who is handy with finding old articles and newsletters. She is very talented and runs an excellent blog. Shall I send you the url? Or do you have it memorized? 🙂

  7. Joanna: If you are related to Obama, perhaps you can get a free night in the Lincoln bedroom? I hear the White House is the best public housing available.

  8. I’m fighting the urge to ask whether they in fact discovered a certain president’s canine ancestry. (No, all you Obama scaremongers. Not him!)

  9. “But let’s remember the unknown men and women whose genius ferreted out all that forgotten data — here’s to you, my friend!”

    So, when do we get to hear our very own Bud Light commercial for these Real (Wo-)Men of Genius?

    So, this Bud’s for you, Mr. (or Mrs.) Genealogy Details Digger!

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