Disability and Love

Today I’m at a L’Arche celebration at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine.

Michael McDonald shared some films from the award-winning series, As I Am. The film above is about Musa, or Moses. When he was born, his birth mother saw that he had cerebral palsy. So she cast him onto a burning rubbish heap. Another woman came along and heard the baby’s cries. She pulled the infant from the flames and raised him, naming him “Moses pulled from the rubbish.” When his loving mother and her husband died of AIDS, Musa was taken in by L’Arche Kenya.

All the films in this series prompt us to be better people. But I’ll leave you with Nineteen Cranes. Reach out to those around you. Love them. Treasure them.

[The World Health Organization estimates nearly 20% of all living are suffering some form of disability.]

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