Come Follow Me: Alma 36-38

My post on Come Follow Me: Alma 36-38

Discussess Alma’s final words and blessings to his sons Helaman and Shiblon. Here’s a sample:

Helaman is the oldest son of Alma. His name may be a form of Egyptian for “Her Amun – In the Presence of Amun” or “In the Presence of God.” The Semitic letter “L” is made into an “R” in Egyptian, so Helaman and Her Amun are cognate names. Vowels were not used in the earliest Semitic languages, so Ammon could also be spelled Aman, Amon, or Amun. Amun Re was the chief god of the Egyptians, while Alma’s close friend, Ammon, was the chief leader of the Ammonites. It seems fitting to name his oldest son after his friend, Ammon. Helaman’s name is also important as we discuss chapter 36, when Alma himself is in the presence of God, perhaps naming his oldest after this experience.

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