Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life in DC…

Here are a few recent news links that show me that there is very little intelligence within the Beltway:

 Pres Obama gets mad at Bank of America for raising fees on things not covered in the Dodd-Frank act.

Ben Bernanke finds out the hard way that Keynesian economics do not work even in the short run.

Eric Holder learns that selling guns to drug traffickers is not the way to run the ATF. Oh, and it is always good to tell the truth.

Pres Obama wants to give your cell phone number to the Repo-Man.

Green business that received $200 million stimulus grant downsizes.

Rick Perry shows that many Texans are just not smart enough to go to Washington.

White House attacks Republicans for not voting on jobs bill, when Harry Reid axed the vote.


And the politician who showed the most smarts this week?

Chris Christie realizes that the Jersey shore is a nicer place than the National Mall.  Who woulda thunk it?



6 thoughts on “Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life in DC…

  1. Perhaps the goal was to clear up some real estate along the Rio Grande? Seems like the drug traffickers, with our weapons, are doing a pretty good job of turning the area into Desolation. It truly reminds me of the actions Shiz would take in overtaking an area.

  2. Hmmm. Eric Holder. Long history of hating guns, promoting gun control. But that darned democracy. The people just don’t want gun control, and that darned Supreme Court is against it. Hmmm. Maybe if he could show that all of the weapons into Mexico are coming from the US BY SENDING THEM ALL IN HIMSELF! Yeah, that’s the ticket! The uproar in favor of gun control will be overwhelming! Oops.

  3. “the days when the feds were a tiny fraction of the economy…” I think that was the 19th century…if you don’t count the civil war and building the railroads and little things like that.

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