Another great source for Book of Mormon scripture study

In addition to Rameumpton’s great work on Book of Mormon scripture study, I am enjoying Prof. William Hamblin’s new blog Mormon Scripture Explorations. We newly called Gospel Doctrine teachers can never get too much information on the subject.

Prof. Hamblin puts his notes on-line as well as offering youtube videos and podcasts. Take a look.

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5 thoughts on “Another great source for Book of Mormon scripture study

  1. Clark, thanks for those additions. I was thinking of including them, until I saw you beat me to the punch.

    I am excited to see so many writing on the Book of Mormon this year. So many different directions can be taken on these lessons, with little overlap. Joe Spencer is blogging on it at FUTW, as is Jim Faulconer, I believe. Both provide very powerful insights. Jim usually posts a list of questions he ponders as he reads, and are very powerful questions for personal study or for BoM Gospel Doctrine class. And Joe takes a very in-depth philosophical study of concepts. It amazes me the things I learn from such great scholars of the gospel. The only thing that keeps me blogging, is I usually hit things from a lightly different angle, and hopefully that angle is useful to those wanting to know more about the Book of Mormon.

  2. I’m really enjoying these study guides. Like I said in a comment on one of rameumptom’s guides, my goal this year is to change my perspective on the Book of Mormon (which I currently consider to be the most depressing tome in our canon).

    I appreciated Hamblin’s link to the 5 hour John Dehlin interview (yes, 5 hours) with author Brant Gardner. I’ve seen mention of Dehlin here and elsewhere, but I wasn’t familiar with his views or what he does. The interview was disingenuous at times (Dehlin only sings one note, it seems) but I found Gardner’s insights into Joseph Smith and the translation of the book quite inspiring.

  3. Tossman, I have learned to love the BoM. Yes, it is depressing but also inspiring and exciting at the same time. I really love getting into the pathos of the book, the thought of Moroni on his own wandering the Americas, the joy of Alma the Younger and his conversion, etc. The lessons for our day are legion: King Benjamin vs. King Noah, the dangers of endless war, etc. I have listened to many of Dehlin’s interviews. A one-note singer in a very tone deaf choir, in my opinion.

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