FairMormon Conference going on now!

The FairMormon Conference is now going on.  For those unable to attend, you can (for a small fee) see it online live, or watch afterwards.  Go to FairMormon.Org to be able to see it.

Also, Meg Stout and I will be blogging here on the various sessions.  I will begin posting the first sessions shortly from

Kerry Muehlstein – the Book of Abraham
Marvin Perkins – Blacks in the Scriptures
Barry Bickmore – Joseph Smith Among the Early Christians


and yes, it has been a very awesome conference to watch so far.

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8 thoughts on “FairMormon Conference going on now!

  1. On one extreme we have anti Mormons and on the other extreme we have fairmormon. Both twist and bend the truth to convey their interpretation. I know I’m generalizing. Not all anti Mormons and not all fairmormons are like that, but a lot are. I often find the truth to lay some where in the middle.

  2. Kinglamoni, as we cover the FAIR conference, it would be preferable for you to raise specific issues with specific points based on real evidence rather than just making wild generalizations such as claiming that FAIR “twists” and “bends” the truth. Such generalizations are not welcome on this blog. However, if somebody at the FAIR conference makes a point that you disagree with or claims something that you believe the research does not support, please feel free to make a comment pointing out your specific problem with a specific claim. Back up your claim with real counter-evidence. Thank you for understanding.

  3. I’m glad you’ll be covering this. I’d hoped to tune in live but work commitments here in CA will make that a challenge.

  4. Jim, The videos will be available for later viewing

    Geoff, I agree with you. Already, I’ve seen some interesting statements. As you’ll see in my reviews, Kerry Muehlstein will favorably discuss the Catalyst Theory of the Book of Abraham. Marvin Perkins encourages us to say that past leaders were racist and that it is okay for us to move forward knowing they are not perfect.

    Clearly, making general statements as Kinglamoni did does not add to any conversation. FairMormon has been on the cutting edge of discussing issues and admitting we do not know everything. OTOH, anti-Mormons tend to think that anything said by a Mormon is pure doodoo and Satanic.

  5. By the way, my past two days got hammered by changed flights, missed flights, and other associated “stuff.” But I will be reviewing a number of Fair sessions when they get posted (hopefully soon!).

  6. I paid for the streaming and video but my watching was spotty due to visiting relatives. One of the interesting insights was given in a reply to someone who asked a question after the session by Robert F. Smith who demonstrated that the Nephite monetary system cited by was actually rather close to that used by Egyptians and Jews, counter to the editor’s assumption. According to Smith, there was an ancient monetary token in the shape of a lion which was called a shiblon. This gives sense to the name of Alma’s son Shiblon who would have been named after a large feline instead of a unit of payment.

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