World Cup Moroni

Received this in my inbox this morning, and couldn’t stop laughing.

I heard reports that the Angel Moroni is missing from the temple in Johannesburg.  See the two pictures below (look at the top left spire):

Before the World Cup:

During the World Cup:

It turns out that he was found in attendance at one of the World Cup games:

Photo by Matt Page. (

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20 thoughts on “World Cup Moroni

  1. I hear the long-lost Book of Lehi points out that Moroni was a mean defender for the Zarahemla Jaguars, which explains his passion for soccer.

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  3. Bryce,

    I know this is in good fun, but the bottom photo was created for and originally posted at BCC by one of our permas some time ago. Please give credit, or remove it.


  4. Eric,
    I can has Fair Use and Parody legal rights? You can has not-so-clever comeback?

    I trust M* to do the right thing here.

  5. Scott B, I’m sorry for this situation. Our understanding is that Matt Page is the original author of the Moroni photo, which appeared first at BCC. I don’t have the technical skill to add something pointing that out, but I’d like to make it clear that we attribute the photo to him.

  6. Thank you for letting me know the original source of the image. I received it in my email inbox, so I didn’t know where it came from. I have added attribution to the photo.

  7. Don’t worry, somebody else: when BCC appropriates other people’s content, it’s a fair use parody that can be blithely explained using lolcat grammar.

  8. Well, almost all websites may ignore that rule, but BCC seems to insist that others follow it when they don’t. I ain’t trying to condemn them, but the sheer hypocrisy is interesting, considering Scott B’s bizarre insistence M* was doing something morally and ethically wrong.

  9. Just for the record, I know Scott B and he was not trying to say that. Matt Page makes a living by his art — he just wanted to make sure he got credit. His actions were completely charitable.

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