When I have felt the Spirit…and when I haven’t

Some of the times I have felt the Spirit of the Lord:

–Talking to my soon-to-be wife on the phone for the first time.

–During my sister’s baptism (this led to my baptism at the age of 35)

–During the dedication of the Campinas temple (in the Celestial Room with Pres. Hinckley)

–In a Catholic Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina just yesterday

–In an LDS chapel in Puerto Montt, Chile several years ago, watching 100 Saints file in wearing down coats in the winter weather.

–In an unairconditioned chapel filled with Saints in Rio de Janeiro when it was 105 degrees outside and 110 degrees inside.

–Watching an evangelical preacher on the TV begging his flock to love one another and be better parents to their children.

–Watching “Pride and Prejudice” (the new movie version).

–Watching movies such as “The Family Man” and “Groundhog Day” in which imperfect men improve themselves.

–Sitting in the temple with my wife.

–Visiting temples when I am traveling rather than sitting in a hotel room watching TV.

–During the births of all four of my children.

–Bearing my testimony to people I meet (when appropriate).

–Having good, constructive dialogue on this blog or other blogs with people who have different perspectives (I very often learn something new).

–Getting nice e-mails and/or comments from readers of M* (hint, hint).

–Reading the writings of Hugh Nibley or any of the prophets or apostles (especially the words of Joseph Smith).

–Reading the scriptures and having something click.

–Praying and knowing somebody is listening.

–Doing my home teaching and performing my callings.

–Doing any kind of service project.

–Most times when I play with my kids and turn off the computer.

When I have NOT felt the Spirit:

–Thinking my wife is wrong and I am right.

–Yelling at my kids

–Ignoring promptings to bear my testimony.

–Ignoring promptings telling me to control my temper.

–Writing a snarky comment on this blog or any other blog.

–Any time I have thought I am better or more righteous than somebody else.

Chances I will learn something from this? I am hopeful.

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About Geoff B.

Geoff B has had three main careers. Some of them have overlapped. After attending Stanford University (class of 1985), he worked in journalism for several years until about 1992, when he took up his second career in telecommunications sales. In 1995, he took up his favorite and third career as father. Soon thereafter, Heavenly Father hit him over the head with a two-by-four (wielded by the Holy Ghost) and he woke up from a long sleep. Since then, he's been learning a lot about the Gospel. He still has a lot to learn. Geoff's held several Church callings: young men's president, high priest group leader, member of the bishopric, stake director of public affairs, media specialist for church public affairs, high councilman. He tries his best in his callings but usually falls short. Geoff has five children and lives in Colorado.

10 thoughts on “When I have felt the Spirit…and when I haven’t

  1. Great post, Geoff.

    I love the feeling I get when I read uplifting posts like these. 🙂

    Yesterday evening I was especially tired and short tempered with my children. Your post is a good reminder to live your life in such a way that you can feel the Spirit.

  2. Excellent list! Thank you!

    Seeing my branch/stake brothers and sisters in white, in the Temple, is a most glorious sight indeed. I wish I saw that more often.

    Seeing a full or almost full Temple session moves me to tears. (All too often there are only four or five brothers at most; sisters are usually more numerous: good on them!)

  3. I love your list and I would like to leave one more. When I see one of my kids have something click too. Thanks Susie

  4. “When I have NOT felt the Spirit: Thinking my wife is wrong and I am right”

    I just don’t think you get it, Geoff. I *am* always right. And the only reason I’m not feeling the spirit is because she is always disagreeing with me that I’m always right.

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