We are strong, STRONG! We are invincible, INVINCIBLE! We are WORMONS!

By the Editors

Feminist Mormon Housewives today takes a huge step in Latter-day Saint gender neutrality:  we introduce a new word and ask for its immediate adoption throughout the Church.  That word is “wormon,” the beatific contraction of “woman” and “Mormon.”

From this day forward, FMH is asking that all references to “sister” be changed to “wormon.”  The correct plural is “wormons.”  Sister Beck will be known as “Wormon Beck.”  Any Church talk that starts “Brothers and Sisters” should instead be “Brothers and Wormons.”

Remember, fellow sisters wormons, any use of the word “woman” will increase our power as we try to overcome the LDS patriarchy one small step at a time.  The title “Ms” changed the world!  We are doing the same.  Please show this article to your bishop and stake president and let them know that from now on you are a “Wormon,” not a lowly “Sister.”

11 thoughts on “We are strong, STRONG! We are invincible, INVINCIBLE! We are WORMONS!

  1. So by reading this blog and having great affection for my sisters in the Gospel–does this make me a Wormonizer?

  2. My fellow Wormons, I hope you appreciate the exalted nature of wormonity. It is not just about baking bread and overthrowing patriarchy. Wormons Who Know have the power to change the world through their righteous, wormonly influence.

  3. Thanks for the link on fmh, Artemis. I’m glad you enjoy our April 1 fun. 🙂

    On a serious note, if you have enjoyed our site and fmh’s April 1 post, please consider making a donation to Kiva. A link is provided in the sidebar of both sites. It’s a wonderful organization supporting many worthwhile causes.

  4. Hilarious!

    I eagerly await the new translation of the Book of Wormon, which fills in all the parts about women, sorry, wormons, that have until now been left out.

  5. In my mind I’m hearing this as spoken by that sweet German immigrant sisters in the ward I grew up in; with her accent it would sound like the english word “Vermins.”

    Cracks me up.

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