The Passion, Unrated at BCC

Over at BCC, Bob Caswell has an interesting post on the unrated version of The Passion of the Christ and how it relates to individual members’ decisions to view R-rated movies. Check it out!

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3 thoughts on “The Passion, Unrated at BCC

  1. 1. The new cut would have received an “R” rating if Gibson hadn’t withdrawn it from consideration by the MPAA.
    2. It’s apparently still an over-the-top gore-fest, with scenes of violence that lack warrant from the Gospels’ accounts.
    3. If I’m correctly understanding the Restored Gospel, The Passion‘s emphasis on the pain inflicted on Christ by Roman soldiers seems to miss the point.
    4. A prominent LDS SF author wrote: “[F]or a Christian adult to refuse to see [The Passion] as a matter of moral principle, as if this movie will somehow dirty you, moves you over into the category of those who let the letter of the law keep them from its spirit.” Comments like that soured me on the movie.

    Not rated? Not interested.

  2. I hope the conversation can be had over at BCC where Bob originally posted the question. As this forum tends to be a little more conservative in tone than the BCC it would be too bad if everyone decided to agree with each other over here and everyone decided to agree with each other over there without a decent discussion in between.

  3. Oops, I’ll close comments here. The point is to have the discussion at BCC, where the two audiences can talk to each other.

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