The New York Times Hearts Mormons

I’m too lazy to find the links, but there have been a few, generally positive articles about the Church in the Times in the recent past. The latest, here, is about the new chapel in Harlem (where I live, but don’t attend church). It also features frequent Bloggernacle commenter JWL (James W. Lucas), as well as my old roommate, Blake Carter.

4 thoughts on “The New York Times Hearts Mormons

  1. Davis, you’ve noted a very interesting trend. Although most MSM writers are not religious and are against conservative churches, the recent coverage on the Church on a local level has been very, very positive. This is just one of literally dozens of such articles that appear on a weekly basis. The Church has been very aggressive and successful in its public relations work lately, and it shows. This is also due to having a prophet who is a former newspaper person and who understands the public relations world.

  2. Thanks for the alert, Davis. My favorite sentence: “Commandments are just blessings waiting to happen.” Well stated, and so true!

  3. “”Commandments are just blessings waiting to happen.” “

    Yeah, that was great.

    I thought the new building was pretty. Good going, Saints.

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