Reflections on Brother Ronnie Milsap, Church Music, and the South

My Number Two son, Piano Man, is a gifted pianist. He also plays the bass and the guitar, but the piano is his true gift. As it is with any talent, it chooses it’s form in which to present itself. Piano Man’s gift of music shows forth in the form of jazz and especially blues improv.  Piano Man plays once in awhile for Priesthood where he cannot help but throw a trill or a bluesy chord into the prelude. He did this once as a young teen, and a young adult member jumped up from the audience to admonish him on not playing reverently.

 It was amusing, as the member of the Bishopric in charge of conducting that week,  was out in the hall and heard the prelude, but not the shaming, opened the meeting with,  “We are thankful for Brother Piano Man who brought a little spirit and soul to Priesthood today.”  Incidentally both gentlemen are converts to the LDS church; the Bishopric member was a born and bred southerner. The other fellow? Well bless his heart, he’s just a Yankee. * 

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