A Vote for Obama is a Vote for My 401k!

I have no idea why people are so upset over the economy. I just checked my 401k and I’m up nearly 9k from my baseline. It’s been while since I’ve seen green on that thing. Quick, sell everything!

Of course it’s because I heavily weighted towards inflation hedges, including gold, natural resources, energy, and TIPS. I’ve also done well on zero coupon bonds (which are a deflation hedge) because they are government bonds.

Everything else I’ve got is either right around break even or negative. (Often hugely negative.)

Go Obama! Who says inflation (or fear of inflation anyhow) is a bad thing! I’m all in favor of inflation if it’s going to make me money.

Oh, and Obama please turn off the spigot as soon as I sell. Or you won’t get my vote next time. Can we coordinate this?