Calm In A Hurry? ~ Parenting Help

The opposite of calm is hurry.  If you feel like you have to hurry all the time, then you will never be calm.  Also, if you feel like you have to hurry through your teaching interactions with your children then you will also have a harder time staying calm.  Don’t let your desire for being efficient ruin your ability to be calm.   William Jordan, the great philosopher  said:

The first sermon in the world was preached at the Creation. It was a
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Help For Parents ~ Selective Hearing

“What about when they say, “I didn’t hear you” as their reason/excuse for not following instructions…but you think they must have?” 

This is a classic!  It is either one of two things.  Either your child really didn’t hear you, or she just lied to try to make the reason she didn’t follow instructions look like your fault instead of hers. 

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Nicholeen and Spencer Give Parenting Advice on TV

As I was thinking about what question would beneficial to answer today on M*, I realized I had just answered questions this morning on television which might be of interest to M* readers.  Today my husband and I had a great day with Debbie and Ron on The KJZZ morning show hosted by KUTV2 news station.  I hope these video clips will be interesting and useful to you and your family.  Today’s topic was consequences and how to choose them.  Remember, “Home should be the safest place to make mistakes.”  (Parenting A House United)

  Below are the links to the two segments we appeared in. 

Segment one:

Segment Two:

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Success Strategies ~ Respecting Parents

There are certain skills I teach my children for successful communication in my home.  Two of the main skills are Following Instructions and Accepting No Answers.  These are two of the basic skills for showing respect to parents and for learning how to respect any authority, even God.  People who can’t do these basic skills are very noticeable in society. 

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Today on Meridian Magazine

Editor or Meridian Magazine said: “Editor’s Note: Nicholeen and Spencer Peck have been featured in a BBC television show called The World’s Strictest Parents—and their calm, principle-based parenting has made waves around the world ever since. Their segment of this show has been the most-watched of any. Before we featured them in Meridian, I wanted to become acquainted, so I intended to watch a ten-minute segment on Youtube as they took two out-of-control British teenagers into their home for eight days. I was so taken I watched the entire segment. If, after reading this article, you want to see it too you can access it here.Nicholeen and Spencer Peck consider themselves pretty typical LDS parents, except maybe for the fact that they homeschool. With their four children they have Continue reading