FAIR Conference 2009, Day 2

Day 2 was as enjoyable as Day 1. As before, Blair Hodges has excellent notes, so I’ll link to those.

John Lynch – “Uh oh!” to “Ah ha!” in Apologetics—20/20 Foresight for a Faithful Future in Defending the Church
[LOGP summary]
We are decidedly partisan in defending the Church. What are we defending?
1. Foundational claims of the restoration
2. Canonized teachings
3. Priesthood authority
4. The good name of general authorities and the Church

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FAIR Conference 2009, Day 1

It’s FAIR Conference time! Today was day 1 and I had a fabulous time. Previously I’ve attended alone, but my sister and brother-in-law joined me this year. They’re not into apologetics, but they are indeed thoughtful members of the Church, and they both greatly enjoyed the day. Proof that non-apologists can enjoy the FAIR conference! (I tell you this in case you missed out but might like to come next year. Also, the presentations should be available soon via mp3, if you’d like to go that route. I’m uncertain on the cost, but hope it isn’t too much as I would like to download a couple of today’s presentations.) Continue reading

FAIR Conference 2007

I’ve just returned from the annual FAIR conference. ‘Twas a lovely time. You all should come next time (7-8 August 2008). I took almost no notes, but instead just sat and listened, so I’ll keep with the minimalist theme and share very few thoughts. Transcripts and/or audio and video recordings should be available on the FAIR website eventually, if anything in particular interests you.

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FAIR Conference 2006

This year’s FAIR conference has come to a close. I attended for the second time and quite enjoyed myself. Next year’s conference will be 2 and 3 August 2007, so mark your calendars.

I offer you a short overview of this week’s presentations. (My notes are minimal, so if any of this sounds interesting or, more likely, confusing, transcripts and/or recordings of the presentations will be available on the FAIR site in the coming weeks.)

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FAIR Conference – Day 2

Today was another excellent day of presentations. If it is geographically possible, I highly recommend attending this conference next year if you were unable to attend this year. It’s fun and enlightening – a great combination.

Before I begin, let me add a disclaimer that I clearly should have added to my last report. My notes are very incomplete and are colored by my own interpretation of the speaker’s words. Thus, if you find anything alarming or, even better, fascinating, I highly recommend looking for the transcripts or audio recordings or video recordings on the FAIR website. (I don’t know when they will be available.) I look forward to reviewing them myself so I can see what I missed.

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