Should Justice Moreno be retained?

In a few weeks California voters will be asked whether or not Carlos Moreno shall be retained as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of California. Were I a Californian, I would vote against retaining him. He was part of the majority that overturned Proposition 22, and he was the sole Justice in the minority who thought Proposition 8 should also be overturned. I don’t trust his judgment.

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One thought on “Should Justice Moreno be retained?

  1. Because you have studied the issue and concluded that he was wrong as a matter of California (not US) constitutional? Then absolutely, you should urge folks to vote against retention. But if you simply disagree with the result because it is wrong on policy or some other grounds, you’re treading on dangerous ground. We want and need judges who will enforce the law — even if they disagree with the result of doing so.

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