Separation anxiety at the temple

I went to the temple with my wife on Saturday, and I noticed yet again one of the strangest feelings:  whenever I am separated from my wife in the temple, even for a few minutes, I feel this inexplicable anxiety.  I’m wondering if this happens to others.

I first notice it when we go to the locker rooms.  I feel a constant pressure to get out to the chapel quickly so I can be with my wife.  And then during the endowment session I can see my wife on the other side of the room but somehow the gulf seems thousands of miles wide.  The anxiety persists until the Celestial Room, when we can sit together holding hands again and all is well.

This feeling is real and is something I always experience when I go to the temple with my wife.  It’s of course possible that this is a reminder of the anxiety I would feel if I couldn’t spend eternity with her.  But I’m wondering:  does anybody else ever feel this way?

One time we were doing initiatories and I had to wait for her outside the women’s locker room for about a half-hour.  That was one of the longest half-hours of my life.

I also have noticed that my wife, always a babe, turns into a gorgeous supermodel inside the temple, at least in my eyes.  So, something extraordinary is going on inside those white walls.

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11 thoughts on “Separation anxiety at the temple

  1. I’m not married, but I think I get what you mean. I’m usually a pretty happy single person, and while I would like to get married, being single is perfectly fine for me at this stage in my life. However, when I go to the temple, it’s hard. When we walk to the session, the couples all walk side by side, and I walk singly. It’s the only time I feel truly, profoundly alone, and it’s painful. It’s one of the reasons I prefer to do initiatories or sealings instead of endowment sessions.

  2. I never really thought about it, but I do feel more comfortable when I am with my wife or when I can see her. Interesting.

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  5. I have suggestions for those who would like to be with their spouse in the endowment sessions: 1) attend the Washington DC temple (or other temples with side aisles)and be early enough that you can sit together with your spouse, or 2) be early and be chosen for the witness couple.

    I was officiating in the Santiago temple last week and a young married couple agreed to be witnesss couple. The couple held hands while at the alter. It was a “tender mercy” moment.

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