#Mormon General Conference #WomensSession

Around the world, Mormon women and girls 8 and older are meeting to participate in the first session of Spring General Conference. These four missionaries enjoyed the pre-conference social at the Annandale Stake Center in Virginia.


Conducting: President Linda K. Burton

Choir: Family Choir from Holladay, Utah

Opening Hymn: Choir and Congregation singing How Firm a Foundation Continue reading

Ideal Family Size? Do Two Kids Make Sense?

Stick FamilyA recent family e-mail chain got hijacked in royal fashion. One intriguing bit that came out was a discussion of the number of children that are appropriate in a family.

Much energy has been devoted at the global and national level to explaining that the world is over-populated and that resource scarcity will cause dire problems in the future. Even my infrequent posts here about water could be interpreted to indicate that children should be few in any responsible family.

Ironically, there is reason to believe that it is precisely responsible families who should have many children. In this case, let’s allow the definition of many to be four. Why would 4+ kids make sense for a socially responsible family? Continue reading

LDS Social Media: Sharing Conference and #BecauseHeLives

April General Conference is just a day away. The Women’s Session will start things off Saturday, March 28th, at 6pm mountain time. All women and girls age 8 and up are invited to attend. The Session will be broadcast to stake centers and/or local unit buildings. You can also watch on LDS.org, MormonChannel.org, BYUtv.org, and YouTube.com.

Are you planning to share General Conference online? I love the gathering of LDS people on social media during Conference. It’s such an exciting time to be alive and a member of the Church. One thing I will mention that always makes me roll my eyes a bit is when people apologize for sharing the messages of Conference on social media. STOP! Just stop! Share Conference without apology!

This week a friend exclaimed on her Facebook page that she did not “get” hashtags, and therefore felt old (even though she is not even 30). A hashtag is a short one or two word description that allows you to find other posts on the topic. If you click on a hashtag on social media, you will be taken to a live feed of all the posts with that tag. And a word about whole sentence hashtags, just please stop with those.

Here are some helpful hashtags to use when sharing General Conference online:

#TwitterStake (if you’re on Twitter)

The Church will release its new Easter initiative, #BecauseHeLives, on Saturday, March 28th as well. This video is powerful and beautiful. Share it with the #BecauseHeLives hashtag during this Holy Week, and this Easter season.

General Conference also falls on Easter this year. I love it when this happens. This happy confluence always seems to bring even more of the spirit to General Conference.

We hope you enjoy Conference. Make sure to come back here to The Millennial Star to talk about what you’ve learned.

Review of Cinderella

Several members of my family decided to go see the recent Cinderella movie from Disney. We quite enjoyed it. This review is full of spoilers, so if you want to be entirely surprised by Kenneth Branaugh’s modern take on this favorite tale, (or if you simply don’t care about movies involving blonde girls) you can stop reading now. Continue reading