“Saints:” new comprehensive Church history being published on-line

The first chapter is now available.  Believe it or not, it all starts with a volcano in Indonesia.

Check it out.

More information on this four-volume Church history here.

A new, four-volume comprehensive history of the Church to be published beginning next year was detailed by Elder Steven E. Snow, the Church Historian and Recorder, in his luncheon address Saturday, June 3, to attendees at the 52nd annual Mormon History Association Conference.

“It has been almost 90 years since B. H. Roberts published the last comprehensive history of the Church,” said Elder Snow, General Authority Seventy. “Obviously much has happened since 1930. We have a team in our department working very hard to complete a four-volume history of the Church entitled Saints. It will be written in a style similar to James Michener or David McCullough.”

Elder Snow gave the information during his address titled “‘A Greater Work Will be Done’: The Evolution of the LDS Church History Department.”

The new history will have many narratives woven into it from before Joseph Smith’s First Vision to the present day, Elder Snow explained.

The first volume will cover the history of the Church up to the Nauvoo Temple dedication. The second will cover the western exodus of the Latter-day Saints and conclude with the Salt Lake Temple dedication. The third will cover the first half of the 20th century and conclude with the dedication of the Swiss Temple.

“The fourth and final volume will bring us to today and will cover some of the many temples which are being dedicated around the world,” Elder Snow said.

The plan is to publish the volumes at the rate of one per year from 2018 to 2021.


When People Leave Because of Lies

Lot and his family fled Gomorrah based on a belief that it was a rotten place that God would destroy.

Various moderns have fled the LDS Church because they believe it is a rotten place (though it’s not always clear they think there is a God who cares to exact revenge on the Church, often taking up that task themselves).

One of the stories the disaffected love to tell is how rotten Joseph Smith was, portraying him as an abusive sexual addict. Given today’s headlines, one can only imagine such disaffected folks consider Joseph in the same class as abusers such as Harvey Weinstein and Dr. Larry Nassar.

(If you don’t know who Weinstein and Nassar are, you are possibly living in a cave and probably aren’t reading this anyway.)

The most effective arrow in this quiver has been the story spun around Josephine Lyon, daughter of Sylvia Sessions Lyon.

But I assert that the detractors have their story wrong. Now that I’ve had a chance to visit the Special Collections at the Family History Library, my conjecture has flesh. Continue reading

Were Elder Uchtdorf and Pres. Eyring Demoted?

It’s always interesting to me to see reactions to changes in the church. Yesterday’s announcement of the new First Presidency was another milestone event for members of the church. As the day progressed I searched out and read the reactions of other people. Thankfully I saw more expressions of gladness and gratitude than of murmuring and disagreement — although those were out there.

One of the complaints/speculations I read had to do with Elder Uchtdorf resuming his place in the Quorum of the 12. The accusation was that he was demoted. One person speculated the reason for this was that Elder Uchtdorf and Pres. Nelson didn’t get along and had philosophical disagreements and that this was a punishment for Elder Uchtdorf — a sort of “bad dog” moment, if you will. No, The 12 are unanimous in their decisions and work. They bore that testimony many times yesterday and in the past as well. Continue reading

Thoughts on the new Presidency

With a 93 year old prophet, changes in the presidency make sense.

First, Elder Uchtdorf is younger and more capable of traveling. He especially can benefit the members in Europe and Russia with his experience.

Pres Oaks, as second most senior apostle, will benefit from the experience of being in the presidency. Being almost a decade younger than Pres Nelson, he likely could be our next prophet. His experience in law and education will be an asset over the next many years.

Of course, Pres Eyring will continue providing continuity. He is now 2nd counselor, probably for deference to seniority among the apostles.

These three have served together a long time. They know each other, respect one another and work well together. They will provide a unified direction for us. Elder Uchtdorf enhances this unity by humbly stepping back into the Quorum of 12, and sustaining the new presidency. That is the mark of a true disciple of Christ.

I look forward to the inspired direction they will lead us in?

Your thoughts?