My Latin Journal

Kevin Barney contributed this guest post for International Week.

Cum ego eram paene volare ad Colorado pro legatione meo, visebam unum ultimum temporem Deseret Librem.  Fatale emebam duas res: tabulae Christi per Handel et ephemeris. Scribebam in ea cotidie.

Post legationem meum etiam ego scribebam in ephemeride.  Et cum ego discebam latinam linguam tenebam ephemeridem meum in illa lingua.  Cogitabam ego eram talis eriditus.

Sed finem affero superbiae illae.  Erat simpliciter nimis arduus.


When I was about to fly to Colorado on my mission, I made one last visit to Deseret Book.  I fatefully purchased two items:  tapes of Handel’s Messiah and a journal.  I wrote in it daily.

After my mission I still wrote in a journal.  And when I was learning Latin, I kept my journal in that language.   I thought I was such a scholar.

But I put an end to that conceit.  It was simply too hard.

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  1. You know, dozens of books are translated into Latin each year, including all of the Harry Potter books. But we don’t have the Book of Mormon in Latin, or any LDS work, as far as I know.

    But, the Book of Mormon has been translated into both Esperanto and Interlingua (not by the Church, of course).

    Not that this makes any difference.

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