Mormon Names

I have fallen in love with the Mormons’ names,
Ernesto Saenz and Young Adcock . . .

Stephen Vincent Benet should have gone with the youth to do baptism for the dead.

He didn’t have that chance, not being Mormon in this life, but I did, last night. I was a witness, and while I was I got to thinking about the names.

Benet’s poem American Names, which I linked above, is about the particularity of place. You don’t fall in love with locale. You fall in love with particular locales.

Likewise, the particular names of baptism for the dead are a testament that God does not love mankind. No, he does not love mankind. He loves each individual man and woman, each in their own little history and identity. Each with their particular name. Christ did not die to save us. He died to save me and you.

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3 thoughts on “Mormon Names

  1. Once again, brilliantly short, and yet brilliantly to the point, yet very spiritual. If I were Joseph Smith, I would appoint YOU, sir, as second editor of the Times and Seasons in Nauvoo. Truly the boggers/editors of the Millennial Star are prophetic. Keep it up 🙂

  2. Adam, I did the endowments for a man born in 35 AD in Hong Kong a few years back. A Chinese man whose name I don’t remember. Mormons have all kinds of names. 🙂

  3. What is really beautiful to me is that a man dies in Germany, say in 1896. No one ever speaks his name again until June, 2011 in a Temple. How lovely for that man. He is spoken of with others hearing his name and caring about him.

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